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Daybreak™ Analytics Database provides daily insights powered by a robust data platform, industry intelligence, and smart features that enable a variety of analytics solutions across your company.

Why Daybreak?

Daybreak allows midsized businesses to compete by giving them the ability to use data to better understand their customers, optimize processes, and discover actionable insights to gain competitive advantage.

One platform. Answers for everyone.

Our data analytics platform provides insights to transform your data into actionable business information.

Smart Features

Get answers to industry-relevant questions with analytics.

Daybreak integrates, cleans, and merges fields and records from disparate sources into a golden record. Then, AI-powered Smart Features™, created by our data scientists in our Innovation Lab, mine the data to add knowledge beyond basic statistics and aggregations—giving you real, actionable insights from your data.

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Propensity Model Smart Feature
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Daybreak Insights

Answers at a glance.

Insights enable users to take the results of queries and build visualizations to display results on our interface or on your favorite dashboard. By adding visualizations to Daybreak queries, users can see patterns and trends in the data.

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Team of experts

Our talented team of data scientists and analysts are here to help.

Get tools, resources and support throughout our end-to-end process. Integrate, enrich and utilize data marts with our team beside you to get better answers. Be ready for your AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics journey with the right foundation.

Daybreak Features

Industry Intelligent Analytics Database

Libraries of your data cleansed and enriched by third party sources and insights gleaned by Daybreak’s AI and machine learning. We build industry-specific data models and Smart Features to answer pressing business questions relevant to your industry.

Aunsight™ Data Platform

Provides cloud-native advanced analytics, computing and data warehouse storage infrastructure and software. The data accuracy feature provides automated data management including data profiling, auto-mapping, ingestion, integration, ELT/ETL, cleansing, Golden Record and governance.

App Integrations

View your Golden Records, insights, and analytics results in our intuitive UI, or replicate them forward to your own dashboards, tools and applications.

Natural Language Answers™

Built for the non-technical business user to query data without writing complex SQL commands—search using natural language to find answers in minutes, and visually display analytics results and insights.

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Daybreak Resources

Do you have questions about how to use Daybreak? Find answers in the Daybreak User Guide.
Daybreak User Guide
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