Is the existence of Skynet imminent or is that simply a sci-fi trope? In this brief video, Dr. David Cieslak, Chief Data Scientist at Aunalytics, talks about the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence in business, some potential concerns with AI, and where the technology is headed in the future.

While there exists a broad range of applications for AI, in the business world, this technology has the potential to drastically change how we understand our customers and how we use our data to interact with them. Once created and trained with customer data, AI has the ability to quickly provide suggestions and insights that would otherwise be prohibitively difficult or even impossible to observe on your own.

For example, Aunalytics’ Daybreak for Financial Institutions platform uses a proprietary AI model that can predict when a customer or member is likely to churn, to suggest which product to promote based on what that specific person is most likely to buy, to identify where the best branch locations are, and more. These types of insights are hiding in your data, simply waiting to be uncovered. To learn more about the business applications of AI, you can view the extended interview here.

David Cieslak, PhD, is the Chief Data Scientist at Aunalytics since its inception and leads its Innovation Lab in the development and delivery of complex algorithms designed to solve business problems in the manufacturing/supply chain, financial, healthcare, and media sectors. Prior to Aunalytics, Cieslak was on staff at the University of Notre Dame as part of the research faculty where he contributed on high value grants with both the federal government and Fortune 500 companies. He has published numerous articles in highly regarded journals, conferences, and workshops on the topics of Machine Learning, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Artificial Intelligence, and Grid Computing.