Product Propensity Report (2)

What is a Product Propensity Report?

Cultivating a long-term customer relationship requires intelligent marketing efforts based on a solid understanding of the types of products a particular customer or group of customers would most likely be interested in based on their past behavior. Aunalytics has nearly a decade’s worth of experience assisting our clients with data analysis…

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Daybreak Insights

Visualize Data-Driven Answers with Daybreak Insights

Daybreak™ Insights provide best-in-industry value for analytics platforms by integrating data visualization to display results of AI and Machine Learning powered analytics assessment of your data. Daybreak exists to enable anyone to get data-driven answers to their questions. With easy-to-use tools like Daybreak Natural Language Answers, users…

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Loan agreement with fountain pen

What is the Aunalytics Loan Default Risk Smart Feature?

Loan underwriting represents one of the most significant risk factors for financial institutions. Through nearly a decade of work with financial institutions, Aunalytics has developed an algorithm for training machine learning models that learn from your organization’s historical loan default data about the most…

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Ransomware, cloud attacks, phishing icons

Top 10 Cyberattacked Industries in 2020

Source: IBM Security XForce According to IBM in its X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, the top 10 industries suffering the most cyberattacks in 2020 were: 1. Finance and Insurance Most Common Type of Attack: Server access attack Since 2016, the finance and insurance industry has been the most attacked industry. In 2020, attacks increased over…

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BioCrossroads Listing

Aunalytics has been included in the 2021 BioCrossroads Book of Data and Organizations

Aunalytics has been included in the 2021 BioCrossroads Book of Data and Organizations directory of Indiana enterprises in the health-data intersection – it includes information on Indiana’s industry, government, health systems, academia, and digital health startups that have tremendous data and technology resources which are driving transformative…

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Churn Algorithm

What is the Aunalytics ‘Propensity to Churn’ Smart Feature?

Customer churn represents lost opportunities as customers move their business to one of your competitors. At Aunalytics, we have nearly a decade of experience developing such models for clients in various industries, including financial institutions. For client subscribers to our Daybreak™ Analytical Database, the churn propensity report Smart…

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How to Identify Which of Your Banking Customers are at Risk for Crypto Scams

The allure of investing early in the “next big thing” has led to interest in investing in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital or virtual money that exists in electronic form (no printed dollars or coins). As a new industry, it is highly unregulated compared to other types of investments and banking. While there is potential for a…

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Natural Language Answers screenshot

What are Natural Language Answers?

Imagine the ability to get answers from the data in your organization by simply asking a question like “how many residential accounts opened last month,” “give me a list of all accounts 90-days overdue,” or “products with monthly sales volume over 1,000 units.” Over the past few decades, advances in machine learning have made it easy to get…

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Inputs for data lake

Why the Data Lake – Benefits and Drawbacks

A data lake solves the problem of having disparate data sources living in different applications, databases and other data silos. While traditional data warehouses brought data together into one place, they typically took quite a bit of time to build due to the complex data management operations required to transform the data as it was transferred…

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External Relationships Smart Feature

What are Smart Features?

Machine learning is a leading component of today’s business landscape, but even many forward-looking business leaders in the mid-market have difficulty developing a strategy to leverage these cutting edge techniques for their business. At Aunalytics, our mission is to improve the lives and businesses of others through technology, and we believe…

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