Natural Language Answers screenshot

What are Natural Language Answers?

Imagine the ability to get answers from the data in your organization by simply asking a question like “how many residential accounts opened last month,” “give me a list of all accounts 90-days overdue,” or “products with monthly sales volume over 1,000 units.” Over the past few decades, advances in machine learning have made it easy to get…

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Inputs for data lake

Why the Data Lake – Benefits and Drawbacks

A data lake solves the problem of having disparate data sources living in different applications, databases and other data silos. While traditional data warehouses brought data together into one place, they typically took quite a bit of time to build due to the complex data management operations required to transform the data as it was transferred…

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External Relationships Smart Feature

What are Smart Features?

Machine learning is a leading component of today’s business landscape, but even many forward-looking business leaders in the mid-market have difficulty developing a strategy to leverage these cutting edge techniques for their business. At Aunalytics, our mission is to improve the lives and businesses of others through technology, and we believe…

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End-to-End Data Analytics Solution Blog (1)

Where Can I Find an End-to-End Data Analytics Solution?

The data analytics landscape has exploded over the past decade with an ever-growing selection of products and services: literally thousands of tools exist to help business deploy and manage data lakes, ETL and ELT, machine learning, and business intelligence. With so many tools to piece together, how do business leaders find the best one or ones?…

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Real-Time Data Flow

Why it is Important to Have Real-time Data for Analytics

Analytics based upon stale data provides stale results. Fresh data powers up-to-date decision-making. Real-time data ingestion, integration and cleansing to create a golden record of business information ready for analytics is critical to make better business decisions. This type of ingestion uses technology such as change data capture to bring…

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How to Use AI for Smarter Financial Institution Service

Data has long been used in decision making in the financial services industry. Statistical scoring models based on consumer data like FICO® have been used for half a century to guide lending decisions in the financial services sector. But today’s analytics space has evolved to the point where many other factors not easily digested by credit…

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Aunalytics Platform

What is the best analytics tool for business users?

What is the best data analytics tool for business users? As more business leaders face this question in recent years, most are finding just how hard it is to answer. The data analytics landscape has exploded over the past decade with an ever-growing landscape of products and services: literally thousands of tools exist to help business deploy and…

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Six Steps Toward a More Secure Technology Environment

In the past few months, it’s become obvious that despite the world and our communities being hurt by the ongoing pandemic, hackers and bad actors are continually on the hunt for a good score. Ransomware attacks have been hitting hard at key infostructures; particularly schools. Schools have already paid over a half million dollars in ransom…

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Daybreak Analytic Database

Daybreak: A Foundation for Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI

Financial institutions have no shortage of data, and most know that advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) are key technologies that must be utilized in order to stay relevant in the increasingly competitive banking landscape. Analytics is a key component of any digital transformation initiative, with the end goal…

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Customer Intelligence

Aunalytics’ Client Success Team Drives Measurable Business Value

Transitioning to a more data-driven organization can be a long, complicated journey. A complete digital transformation is more than simply adopting new technologies (though that is an important component.) It requires change at all levels of the business in order to pivot to a more data-enabled, customer-focused mindset. Aunalytics Client Success…

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