Why us? We get that question a lot.

Because with Aunalytics, you get a dedicated team of experts focusing on your needs. You get an end-to-end cloud infrastructure and analytics suite, all at a price that’s within reach. And you will get measurable results. Let Aunalytics be your catalyst.

Your Trusted Partners

It is challenging to learn new technologies. But our experts work alongside your team to smoothly implement and manage the latest data solutions.

End-to-End Ecosystem

Stop wasting time piecing together tools and services. We help you get to insights quicker with our end-to-end platform—from ingestion to delivery.

Scalable Cloud Platform

Don't pay for more than you need. Our cloud platform is scalable, so you can get the resources you need now and easily upgrade as you grow.

Business Expertise

We understand each industry's unique challenges, dive deep into your individual business, and develop solutions that provide the greatest impact.

Latest Technologies

Our platform is technology-agnostic. That means we can use the best technology for each situation and upgrade systems with minimal disruption.

Measurable Business Outcomes

We measure our success on your business outcomes. Therefore, we tackle the challenges that impact your business the most.

Realize your Vision

Your Trusted Partner inDigital Transformation

Digital Transformation is top-of-mind for organizations across various industries. But that doesn’t mean simply converting your systems into digital formats. Rather, it is an organization-wide shift to full utilization of data. This transformation will lead to:

Reduced Costs

New Revenue Streams

Improved Customer Experience

More Engaged Employees

Aunalytics provides measurable results

What can we help you accomplish?

Because we measure our success by business outcomes, you can be assured that our services will positively impact your organization.

We perform quarterly technology reviews for each client, and having a dedicated Client Success Manager ensures that your organization is using our services to their highest potential.


Days from receiving data to 360 Data Mart


Uptime in our data centers


Multiple solutions that have saved individual clients over one million dollars

Kim Woofter, Executive Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Practice Innovation at Advanced Centers for Cancer Care

“Aunalytics enables me to make better decisions about my business; they executed on my vision of being data-driven with incredible results. Once you taste the power of data you can’t get enough.”

— Kim Woofter, Executive Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Practice Innovation at Advanced Centers for Cancer Care

We work with the latest technologies and partner with the best in the industry to meet our clients' unique needs.

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