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Our cloud analytics platform enables us to seamlessly deliver solutions at scale and quickly execute data-driven business strategies, leading to powerful insights and indisputable value. We work with a wide range of clients across various industries.


Why Analytics?

As technology advances, many industries are facing new challenges. Customer needs are evolving while regulation and oversight are changing the way businesses are run. Developing a data strategy that encompasses these challenges is of paramount importance. In-depth data analysis provides an organization with an advantage over competitors who lack detailed, proprietary data about their business.

Companies need to utilize analytics to stay competitive or risk being left behind. However, many lack the infrastructure and expertise to perform any kind of deep analysis on their data. We make advanced analytics possible by providing a complete, end-to-end solution, from initial data strategy to delivery. Our platform utilizes the best technology for any given task; we stay on top of the newest tools and technologies so you don’t have to. Never worry about becoming obsolete.

Analytics Roadmap

There are many competitors that offer products that perform one portion of this process (cloud storage, data warehousing software, visualization tools, etc.) This requires working with multiple vendors and products in order to complete the myriad of required steps for advanced analytics.

Aunalytics has invested millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours to develop a comprehensive platform that is secure, scalable, leverages the best technologies throughout the data management and analytics process, all in one place. This allows our clients to reallocate the resources dedicated to building and maintaining their own system for analytics.

Xs and Os and an arrow pointing to a bullseye
Establish an overall data strategy & set analytics goals
Aunalytics cloud symbol expanding to larger sizes
Implement a scalable data analytics platform
Cloud sources and databases pointing to a central cloud
Aggregate disparate data sources: internal, external, & cloud-based
Stylized spreadsheet
Create new, cleaned & linked, analytics-ready data sets
Workflow terminating with a colorful circle that opens to a bar chart
Business intelligence, modeling & advanced analytics
Laptop with dashboard showing various charts and graphs
Actionable insights via dashboards, reports, & app

Our platform is being delivered to a Fortune 200 global organization at an over 40% savings vs. their cost to do it on their own, and analytics output is over a year ahead of schedule.

One of our clients reports that our churn solution has had a direct bottom line impact of $1.3M year to date, and a $6.5M increase in their organization’s value.

A global appliance manufacturer has worked with us to identify the optimal channel and messaging for one million high value leads in order to deliver offers suited to each individual’s needs.

Our ability to combine call center data, natural language processing, warranty claims, and sales data is allowing a global organization in the supply chain to drastically reduce warranty claim cost.

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