Tackling business challenges and opportunities with AI and IT innovation.

We are an analytics and information technology company driven to solve our clients' most pressing problems through technology innovation.

Innovative solutions for your business.

Our data scientists and engineers harness the power of our leading-edge data platform, cloud computing, and machine learning to improve your business.

Empower Your Role with Data and AI

We understand the unique challenges you face in your role. Whether you're in marketing focused on growing revenue, or customer service aiming to resolve issues efficiently, our data and AI solutions discover hidden signals your data and transform them into insights that drive performance improvement.

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Cloud networking
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Deliver an Enterprise Cloud

For the concerns of IT leaders delivering computing infrastructure that business units rely on. Our cloud computing solutions are designed to address your critical pain points: performance, reliability, recoverability, and budget. Tailored to ensure robust, stable, and efficient operations at a predictable price.

Optimize Your IT Operations

Given our intense focus on the needs of mid-sized businesses to maintain access to skilled IT talent, we provide comprehensive managed IT services to ensure stable, secure, and efficient IT operations at predictable costs. Our solutions are tailored to address the diverse IT requirements of each business unit.

Security assessments can help organizations with cyber insurance renewal challenges

Innovative solutions for your business.

Our data scientists and engineers harness the power of our leading-edge data platform, cloud computing, and machine learning to make work better for business.

Analytics Solutions
Customer Retention

Get alerted when signals in your data indicate that a customer is likely to churn—and take action.

Customer Experience

Discover AI insights in transactional data to improve the customer experience.

Advanced Reporting

Make better business decisions with advanced analytics insights and AI-augmented reports.

Sales & Marketing

Connect to the right customers with the right messaging at the right time.

Cloud Computing
Enterprise Cloud

Become more agile and keep your data secure by migrating to the cloud.

Analytics Cloud

Become analytics-ready with a platform built for universal data access, analytics, and AI.

Backup & Recovery

Ensure that your business can weather adverse events with our cloud-based backup solutions.

Cloud infrastructure Design
Infrastructure/Cloud Design

Be prepared for for the worst—we can help you plan for cyber events or natural disasters.

IT Solutions

Keep your business protected through expert-level prevention, detection, and response.

Helpdesk & Tech Support

Is your IT team stretched thin? We can help augment your team with additional IT expertise.

Server Management

Increase efficiency by entrusting the management of servers to our team for proactive service and expert security.


Ensure that your business is always connected with expert networking solutions.

Data Analytics

Our solutions use AI and machine learning to increase efficiency and improve relationships.

Explore our Analytics Solutions
IT Services & Security

We provide both the talent and innovative technologies that allow organizations to thrive.

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Advanced Computing

We help organizations move to the cloud so they can position themselves for technology innovation.

Leverage the Cloud

We work with large and mid-sized organizations in traditional industries who:

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Know they need to embrace technologies such as cloud and AI to survive and grow.
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Want to innovate and modernize, but aren’t sure where to start.
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Lack the internal resources or expertise to achieve their technology goals.
Learn about our vision

We provide the technology and expertise to capitalize of the promise of AI

Tools + Talent = Business Outcomes

We understand that many businesses don’t just need tools; they require the guidance and expertise to navigate the complexities of adopting technology innovation. We have meticulously crafted holistic solutions—that go beyond software and hardware—to empower traditional organizations to confidently embrace innovation.

Featured Solutions

Intelligent Data Warehouse

Aunalytics Intelligent Data Warehouse for Community Banks & Credit Unions

Our Intelligent Data Warehouse was created using financial services industry intelligence and includes Smart Features that enable a variety of analytics solutions across your company. Not only will you get a single source of truth from your disparate banking platforms, but your data will be cleaned, organized, and analytics-ready.

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Customer Intelligence for Financial Institutions Data Flow

Advanced Security

Improve your security posture

Cyber threats are always evolving. Work with a team of security experts that will keep you steps ahead of bad actors through best practices and technology innovation.

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Cloud, Security, Managed IT services

Managed IT Services

Your trusted advisor for all things IT

Aunalytics provides data-driven IT answers for stability and security of your servers, workstations, and networking equipment, focusing on people and access.

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Monitoring and security

Enterprise Cloud

Your answer for cloud storage & compute

Our high performance cloud infrastructure provides a highly redundant, secure, and scalable platform for hosting servers, data, analytics, and applications at any performance level.

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Aunalytics Enterprise Cloud

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