Aunalytics is a data platform company that delivers insights as a service to answer your most important IT and business questions.

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Aunalytics gives you data-driven answers.

Answers when you need them, how you need them.

Aunalytics gives all levels of your organization fast, easy access to credible data, whether you’re the CEO or the IT team.

Answers that move you from intuition to data-driven.

Connects real-time data from disparate data sources to algorithms to provide daily insights.

Answers from a single source and support from a team of experts.

From data ingestion and analytics, to cloud, data maintenance and managed IT – we do it all.

The right answers start with the right questions.

Answers for your function
IT questions, answered:

How can we scale to a new location most cost effectively?

How can we implement enterprise security most efficiently?

How can I utilize analytics to optimize my cloud environment?

Marketing questions, answered:

How do I gain a 360-degree view of my customers?

What products are my customers most likely to buy next?

Who are my best cross-selling opportunities?

Operations questions, answered:

How can we access data across our company to better measure KPIs?

Why are my collections not matching contracted rates?

Which specific locations offer opportunities for expansion?

Answers for your industry
Healthcare questions, answered:

How can we identify and recover underpayments?

How can we speed reimbursements?

How can we more efficiently integrate data from multiple EMRs, billing systems and other applications from all of our locations?

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Financial Institution questions, answered:

How can we use our local data to beat out national competitors?

What are the next best products to offer each customer?

How can we minimize calls to IT help desks so that our associates are more productive?

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Manufacturing and supply chain questions, answered:

How can I reduce excess scrap costs due to data errors?

How can we minimize the cost and maximize the value of our ERP?

How can I optimize transport and shipping?

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Analytic database

Daybreak, your foundation for data-backed decisions.

Daybreak provides daily insights powered by a robust data platform, industry intelligence, and smart features that enable a variety of analytics solutions across your company.

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Daybreak Analytic Database

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