Customer Intelligence

360 degree view of your customer data.

Aunalytics has created an industry-intelligent analytic database providing daily insights powered by a robust data platform, industry intelligence and smart features that enable a variety of analytics solutions across your company. It is built specifically for businesses to access and take action on the right data at the right time and give you the answers you need about your customers.

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Our analytic database helps you overcome challenges like:

Business leaders do not have fast and easy access to daily changing enterprise information

Business leaders do not have trusted and credible data for decision-making

Inability to scale industry experience and intelligence across the organization

Organizations lack knowledge and experience necessary to begin organization-wide analytics initiatives

Organizations lack the data foundation for AI, Machine Learning and predictive analytics

One platform. Answers for everyone.

One place to analyze all your customer data to give you insights on new revenue opportunities.

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We enhance how you engage your customers

Design targeted client experiences by industry, product and customer relationship.

Plan strategic next steps with your customers based upon insights revealed from synthesis and analysis of your data.

Identify customers at risk for attrition and take mitigation steps before you lose them.

Access to a team of experts

Our talented team of data scientists, engineers, and analysts are here to help.

In the current market, it can be difficult for midsized businesses to hire the technical talent for advanced analytics. With Aunalytics by your side, we provide a team of experts who will assist you every step of the way. You will have access to the right tools, resources, and support throughout our end-to-end process. Integrate, enrich and utilize data marts with our team beside you to get better answers. Be ready for your AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics journey with the right foundation.

Team of Experts
Data Integration Customer Intelligence

Data Integration & Preparation

Integrated, cleaned data updated daily.

Our platform integrates and cleanses data from disparate sources across your organization, so that analytics is based upon a complete picture of accurate information. We can integrate your transactional data, data from other internal line of business applications, and even third party data. The entire process is automated so you get updated data on a daily basis.

Insights as a Service

Get answers to industry-relevant questions with analytics.

AI-powered Smart Features™, created by our data scientists in our Innovation Lab, mine the data to add knowledge beyond basic statistics and aggregations—giving you real, actionable insights from your data.

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Insights as a Service

Customer Intelligence Solution Components

Industry-Intelligent Analytics Database

Libraries of your data cleansed and enriched by third party sources and insights discovered by Daybreak’s AI and ML. Our intelligent relational analytics database organizes your data by customer, patient, product, service, facilities, account, marketing campaign and more.

Smart Features™

Provides high-value data fields created by our data scientists in our Innovation Lab derived from your data and powered by AI to answer industry-specific questions about your customers.

Access to Data Experts

A team from Aunalytics, including data engineers, data scientists, analysts, and client success managers, work side-by-side with your team to achieve measurable business outcomes.

Aunsight™ Data Platform

Provides cloud-native advanced analytics, computing and data warehouse storage infrastructure and software. The data accuracy feature provides automated data management including data profiling, auto-mapping, ingestion, integration, ELT/ETL, cleansing, Golden Record and governance.

“We have data; every bank has data—tons of it. What we didn’t have was a way to integrate all this data into something useful. We embarked on a journey that would not only allow us to turn data into information, but to enable us to look forward with predictive analytics and AI capabilities. Aunalytics helped us jumpstart that vision.”

– John Kamin, EVP and Chief Information Officer, Provident Bank

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