Enterprise Analytics

We bring data analytics expertise to you.

Enterprise Analytics provides a team of experts in data analytics, data engineering, AI and machine learning, and the technology and tools needed for your enterprise to succeed. We help your team identify and develop analytics solutions to answer your most important business questions.

Why work with us?

Enterprises in secondary and tertiary markets often have a difficult time hiring and retaining the technical talent needed to develop and execute complex analytics solutions. Organizations partner with Aunalytics for both the technology and expertise they need to realize value from their data. We extend your in-house team so that you have the consistent long-term expertise that it takes to get ROI and business outcomes from data analytics.

Our team is available to assist with all aspects of the analytics journey—from R&D and implementation to day-to-day execution. From creating algorithms and data models to designing shareable dashboards revealing insights gleaned from transactional data mining. From building your solution to maintaining it. As your trusted analytics advisors, we meet your team’s needs with a level of partnership designed for your enterprise’s current digital maturity and future state goals.

The Aunalytics Phased Approach

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Phase 1: Discovery
Define the data strategy, discovery, & opportunities:

Assess the current state and maturity of the organization

Identify value pools and opportunities

Identify challenges and obstacles

Define infrastructure requirements

Develop data roadmap

Develop data strategy

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Phase 2
Define and prototype the assets

Identify pilot use cases and teams

Deep data discovery

Design and prototype data products

Develop processes and standards

Real world testing and feedback

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Phase 3
Build, scale, and execute the program

Enterprise enablement

Platform development and scale

Capability building

Interactive execution

Example Aunalytics Enterprise Analytics Solutions

Many analytics solutions are possible working with us. Here are a few examples to spark ideas for the types of projects that would provide value to your enterprise:

Aunalytics works with global manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies to develop AI powered models to improve inventory efficiency and availability. We work with supply chain and inventory management data, and integrate supply and demand models in order to ensure regional distribution centers are properly stocked with correct inventory levels. We use predictive analytics and create deep learning models to forecast future inventory needs.

Aunalytics works with global manufacturers to reduce their warranty claims by utilizing AI to discover insights within IoT and call center data. This allows manufacturers to identify which parts are most likely to fail, and when, and discover how best to provision service trucks in order to quickly resolve issues and reduce future service calls.

Aunalytics works with global auto manufacturers to create machine learning powered inventory and sales models using price elasticity and geographic factors to reveal insights on dealer performance. 

Aunalytics works with national media companies to analyze the performance of the existing content on their news sites. We develop deep learning models to predict which types of content and topics perform best, as well as provide insight into segmentation within their audiences.

Aunalytics builds machine learning powered models for enterprise retail chains to gain customer insights from POS transaction analysis. By mining the transactional data, we reveal buyer insights empowering retail chains to tailor offers to increase customer loyalty program engagement and drive new revenue. Aunalytics also works with retailers to analyze their customer data—from transactional data to online behavior— to better understand the customer journey. Enterprises use this data to create customer segmentation and profiles, inform their marketing outreach and improve their customer experience to better cultivate brand loyalty.

Aunalytics works with regional telecom companies to build AI powered models to predict subscriber churn so their teams can reach out to resolve potential issues before they become a reason for cancellation.

Aunalytics works with regional telecom companies to develop machine learning powered traffic congestion models. This enables bottlenecks to be resolved for highly efficient delivery of services, more effective maintenance and data driven expansion strategies for the networks.

Aunalytics works with healthcare providers to develop complex data models with insurer fee schedules, services fee codes, national provider data and provider revenue cycle data. Aunalytics creates AI-powered analytics models that reveal insurance underpayments so that the providers can recover lost revenue.

Aunalytics works with financial services enterprises using its data ingestion and integration technologies to automate compliance reporting. Preparation of CECL and other compliance reports is typically a manually intensive process, pulling data from multiple disparate sources and systems. Enterprises using Aunalytics’ automation achieve significant operational efficiencies and more accurate reporting.

Aunalytics works with energy enterprises using its data ingestion, data quality and master data management technologies to build industry specific data models connecting disparate data systems in energy production to provide insights and consolidated production controls. Energy enterprises use the automated data management to achieve a global view of production operations across multiple sites.

Aunalytics uses machine learning powered data profiling to understand data source contents, trends, ranges and expected values of each data field in enterprise data sources. Organizations use profiling results to set data quality rules, and create automatic alerts for errors and unexpected values so that corrective action may be taken upon data entry and data quality is improved across the enterprise.

Aunalytics works with B2C companies to optimize their call centers by creating AI-powered predictive models, trained on prior service call log data, to suggest the most likely resolutions to customers’ issues in in real-time. This allows the representative to more quickly diagnose and solve issues, and leads to more satisfied customers.

Areas of Expertise

Data Analytics
Machine Learning
AI Algorithms
Time Series Analysis
IoT Data Analysis
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Deep Learning Models
Predictive Data Analytics
Data Engineering & Strategy
Data Models
Golden Records
Data Mart Design
API Connectors & Pipelines
Enterprise Data Management
Data Ingestion & Integration
Data Cleansing & Data Quality
Data Transformation, Federation, & Normalization
Master Data Management
Data Governance
Data Orchestration
Industry Expertise
Industry specific expertise to inform on data points salient to achieving business outcomes in that industry
Example industries: financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, telecommunications
Data Visualization
Interactive Multi-Layered Dashboard Creation
Functional Team Dashboards (Marketing, Sales, IT, Operations)
Executive & Management Reports
Tableau & PowerBI Design Services
KPI Dashboards
Cloud Engineering
Analytics Cloud Architecture
Data Warehouse & Data Lake Design
Kubernetes, Hadoop, & Other Big Data Technologies

Your Investment in Data Analytics

We are not a consultant group providing project services. Rather, we partner with enterprises for long term data analytics strategy and to build long term scalable solutions. There is potential for a solution to be scaled as a marketplace solution. Your investment in data analytics will solve business challenges for your enterprise and could provide further return on your investment as a marketplace offering.

Aunalytics partners with organizations to build analytics solutions

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