South Bend, IN (February 26, 2024)Aunalytics, a South Bend based technology company announced today that it has been selected as one of four nominees for Indiana Tech Company of the Year at the 2024 Mira Awards.

“Aunalytics is proud of this nomination and the work by our team to be recognized in this way. We believe the fusion of artificial intelligence and advanced IT are bringing about a seismic transformation within the business landscape, and those traditional businesses like banks, healthcare providers and manufacturers located in secondary markets where technological resources are scarce face a disproportionate challenge” stated Rich Carlton, President of Aunalytics.

“This recognition of the execution of our mission—to be the advanced computing infrastructure and primary advisors, powering analytics and IT innovation to traditional businesses—is greatly appreciated” concluded Carlton.

The Mira Awards, hosted by TechPoint, an organization headquartered in Indianapolis, annually recognizes outstanding achievements in the technology sector in Indiana. Over the span of 25 years, these awards have served as a platform to celebrate the advancements made by the tech community, offering a valuable opportunity for innovators statewide to convene, network, and recognize excellence in digital innovation.

“We look forward to celebrating the 25th anniversary of Indiana’s most prestigious tech and innovation awards at a new venue,” said TechPoint President and CEO Ting Gootee. “Even more exciting is the level of excellence, innovation and resilience outlined in each entry and even more so by those whose efforts elevated them to status as a Mira Award nominee. It is truly Indiana’s biggest night for innovation.”

Next month, Aunalytics, along with the other nominees, will be interviewed by panels consisting of founders, executives, community leaders, and subject matter experts. The winners will be announced at the TechPoint Mira Awards gala Friday, April 26, 2024, at the Old National Centre in Indianapolis.

The other nominees for Tech Company of the Year include Authenticx, an Indianapolis-based AI company in the healthcare space, Baker Hill, a financial services software provider based out of Carmel, IN, and Republic Airways, a Carmel-based regional airline.

About Aunalytics

Aunalytics revolutionizes the way businesses harness the power of data and IT to mold their strategic and operational decisions. Aunalytics offers services across the entire spectrum of transformation from cloud infrastructure and IT services to advanced analytics and AI. Understanding that businesses in traditional industries don’t just need tools, Aunalytics stands apart by going beyond software and hardware—providing the guidance and expertise to navigate the complexities of adopting innovation.

Each business is unique—Aunalytics offers a holistic solution that empowers legacy organizations to embrace innovation with confidence by seamlessly integrating technology with strategic analysis, counsel, and hands-on management rooted in years of experience. Aunalytics provides the tools to not only survive but to thrive in the data-driven future, enabling businesses to pioneer innovation while retaining their essence.