In this brief video, Dr. David Cieslak, Chief Data Scientist at Aunalytics, discusses the value that data visualization brings to data analytics. Whether you’re using a simple tool such as Excel or a BI software such as Tableau, creating a visual representation of your data allows it to be consumed by a much broader and less technical audience. Whether you’re a marketing specialist, a loan officer, or a bank president, a well-designed and up-to-date dashboard greatly improves your ability to understand and work with your data in a way that lists and spreadsheets can’t.

Aunalytics’ Daybreak Dashboards for Financial Institutions offer a variety of data visualization options such as the Customer Profile dashboard, which provides a 360-degree view of each customer, the Lending KPI dashboard, which provides overall and detailed lending performance across your organization, and the Marketing KPI dashboard, which allows for targeted campaigns to reach the right customer at the right time with the right product. With Aunalytics, you get the technology and the expertise required to turn your disparate data into easily understandable insights through the Daybreak Dashboards.

David Cieslak, PhD, is the Chief Data Scientist at Aunalytics since its inception and leads its Innovation Lab in the development and delivery of complex algorithms designed to solve business problems in the manufacturing/supply chain, financial, healthcare, and media sectors. Prior to Aunalytics, Cieslak was on staff at the University of Notre Dame as part of the research faculty where he contributed on high value grants with both the federal government and Fortune 500 companies. He has published numerous articles in highly regarded journals, conferences, and workshops on the topics of Machine Learning, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Artificial Intelligence, and Grid Computing.