As the new year approaches, digital transformation should be at the top of every mid-market organization’s to-do list. As organizations begin to understand the value of business analytics for their daily operations, the need for an end-to-end analytics solution becomes evident. Yet, many companies struggle to obtain the right analytics solutions to fit their specific needs.

Unfortunately, the analytics solution market can be difficult to navigate. Since building an analytics tool in-house is incredibly time-consuming and very costly, many mid-market companies would be better served by working with a solution provider who can provide both the tools and talent necessary to achieve their business goals.

Digital Transformation Roadblocks

One major roadblock in the pursuit of digital evolution is determining how much an analytics solution is going to cost. Analytics solutions are complex, and when an analytics company gives a quote, they often fail to mention additional add-ons their solution needs to be functional. For instance, charges for a third-party cloud to host your analytics solution and individual charges for connectors that allow your disparate data sources to flow into the solution are the most common up-charges.

Your organization could get stuck with unexpected licensing fees or overage charges from a third-party cloud provider. Worse yet, you may end up piecing together various technologies, while lacking the adequate technical talent to keep the solution functioning and show actionable results. To achieve value from your investment, it is vital to look for a partner that can provide you with a solution where extra charges do not come into play. Budgets are an integral part of the decision-making process when it comes time to choose a solution provider.

With hidden costs, figuring out how a particular solution is going to fit into your budget becomes increasingly difficult. The most effective solution is opting for a partner who can provide your company with an end-to-end analytics solution.

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Why Mid-Market Organizations Need End-to-End Analytics Solutions

To compete with larger institutions, mid-market organizations need to leverage their existing local data to gain insights to better serve their clients. An end-to-end solution  ensures you do not end up with a solution your team cannot utilize to achieve your business goals and thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

It is a known fact that mid-market businesses struggle with retaining talent for data management, IT, security, and advanced analytics. Opting for an end-to-end solution gives you access to a team of experts who will always be by your side, assisting you every step of the way.

With Aunalytics, you get the technology and the expertise required to complete your journey from disparate data to actionable business results. Using our platform, your entire organization can reap the benefits of having a reliable and robust data platform.

Aunalytics Provides a Complete, End-to-End Analytics Solution for Mid-Sized Organizations

Aunalytics offers an end-to-end analytics solution that includes the right technology paired with experts who work by your side to help you accomplish your business goals. The technology, combined with the technical talent necessary to fully utilize it, will help your organization achieve true value from your investment. End-to-end analytics solutions provide you with insights from your data so you can concentrate on critical business decisions. No longer do you have to worry about overages, licensing costs or other additional charges. Aunalytics has the answers to your business and IT questions.

Aunalytics partners with organizations to build analytics solutions

The Aunalytics Data Platform is a robust, cloud-native data platform built for universal data access, powerful analytics, and AI. It includes the following components:

  • Aunalytics Enterprise Cloud provides a highly redundant, secure, and scalable platform for hosting servers, data, analytics, and applications at any performance level.
  • Aunsight Golden Record integrates and cleanses siloed data from disparate systems for a single source of accurate business information across your enterprise.
  • Daybreak Analytics Database provides daily insights powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) driven analytics, industry intelligence, and smart features that enable a variety of analytics solutions and timely actionable insights that drive strategic value across your company.

This end-to-end platform enables your business to extract answers from your data without having to worry about additional charges that might break your budget. Our solutions are secure, reliable, and scalable, all according to your business’ needs. Aunalytics solutions seamlessly integrate and cleanse your valuable data for accuracy, ensuring data governance and employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) driven analytics to glean customer intelligence and timely actionable insights that drive strategic value.

Using our solution, team members across your organization can reap the benefits of having an end-to-end analytics solution to make data-driven decisions. Company executives can view data cleansed into an accurate golden record that is streamed in real-time to enable better decision making for the entire organization. Your organization’s marketing team can have access to aggregated data that reveals a 360-degree view of your customer, including insights into customer behavior, that empowers them to run data-driven campaigns to the right customer, at the right time, with the right product. Your IT department can ensure that you are functioning at peak efficiency by analyzing the data collected to scale resources and identify potential roadblocks and bottlenecks. Those are just a few departments that would benefit—think about how powerful a real-time analytics solution could be across your entire organization.