Transitioning to a more data-driven organization can be a long, complicated journey. A complete digital transformation is more than simply adopting new technologies (though that is an important component.) It requires change at all levels of the business in order to pivot to a more data-enabled, customer-focused mindset. Aunalytics Client Success is committed to helping organizations digitally transform by guiding and assisting them along every step of the journey, and ultimately, allowing them to thrive.

Below, the Client Success (CS) team has answered some of the most common questions about what they do and how they help organizations achieve measurable business outcomes.

What is Client Success?

Aunalytics CS partners with clients to become their trusted advisor, by building a customized CS Partnership Plan utilizing the client’s unique business needs as the core goals. The CS Partnership Plan creates an exceptional client experience by consistently applying a combination of our team and technology to deliver measurable value and business outcomes for our clients.

What are the main goals of the Aunalytics Client Success team?

The Client Success team has four main goals:

  1. Designing targeted client experiences (by industry, product, and digital transformation stage)
  2. Recommending targeted next steps by simplifying and synthesizing complex information
  3. Delivering proactive and strategic support from onboarding to solution launch, ongoing support, and consulting
  4. Collecting and responding to client feedback on ways our service delivery can evolve

What are the various roles within the CS team?

There are two main roles within the CS team that interact with clients on a regular basis. The first is the Client Success Manager (CSM). The CSM manages day-to-day client tactical needs, providing updates and direction throughout the onboarding process. As the liaison between clients and the Aunalytics team, the CSM synthesizes complex information into clear actions, mitigates any roadblocks that may occur, and clearly communicates project milestones. The CSM works closely with the clients throughout their partnership with Aunalytics, from onboarding, adoption, support, and engagement.

The Client Success Advisor (CSA) works on high-level strategy with each client, translating Aunalytics’ technology solutions into measurable business outcomes. They partner with the clients’ key stakeholders to understand their strategic objectives and create a custom technology roadmap that identifies the specific steps necessary to reach their digital transformation goals. These goals are integrated into the client’s specific CS Partnership Plan to ensure we are aligned on objectives and key results, with clear owners, timelines, and expected outcomes.

How often can a client expect to hear from a CS team member throughout their engagement with Aunalytics?

The CS team is introduced to clients at the initial kickoff meeting and CSMs initiate weekly touch points to ensure onboarding milestones are being met and to communicate action items, responsible parties, and next steps. During these calls the CS team (CS Manager, CS Advisor, Data Engineer, & Business Analyst) will review the project tracker—highlighting recent accomplishments, key priorities, and next steps. Each item is documented, assigned an owner, a timeline, and clear expectations around completion criteria.

What is the Aunalytics “Side-by-Side Support” model and how does the CS team help facilitate this?

Our side-by-side service delivery model provides a dedicated account team, comprised of technology (Data Engineers (DE), Data Scientists (DS), and Business Analysts) and data experts (Product Managers, Data Ingestion Engineers, and Cloud Infrastructure Team), to help transform the way our clients work. The account team collaborates across the company, in service of the client, to ensure that everyone on the team is driving towards the client’s desired outcomes. The CSA captures this information in the CS Partnership Plan to ensure alignment, key priorities, and ownership of time-bound tasks.

The CS team partners with Aunalytics’ Product, Ingestion, and Cloud teams to share client questions, recommendations, and future enhancement ideas. The Partnership Plan is a custom document that evolves with the client’s ever-changing needs. The CSA reviews the Partnership Plan with the client every quarter to capture new goals, document accomplishments, and create feasible timelines for implementation. The goal of the CSA is to create a relationship with the client, in which they view the CSA as a key member of their internal team (e.g. the same side of the table vs. a vendor).

A successful partnership with Aunalytics’ Client Success team is when concrete business outcomes and value are realized by the client, through the use of Aunalytics’ solutions (products + service).

What are some examples of business outcomes that CS has helped Daybreak for Financial Services clients achieve?

In addition to guidance throughout the initial implementation of Daybreak, CS has assisted banks and credit unions with the execution of a number of actionable business cases, such as:

  • Assisting Financial Institutions with implementation of self-service analytics programs;
  • Improving collection and recovery rates on loans;
  • Implementing pattern recognition to make sure that risk and collection departments are efficiently targeting the most at-risk loans;
  • Creating data driven marketing programs to offer personalized services, next-best products, and onboarding. Data-driven marketing allows financial institutions to be more efficient with their marketing dollars and track campaign outcomes better;
  • Integration with 3rdparty software systems.

The Aunalytics Client Success team is instrumental in helping clients realize measurable business value. Together with Aunalytics’ strong technology stack, this side-by-side delivery model ensures that all clients are equipped with the resources they need to affect positive change within the organization and achieve their digital transformation goals.