The industry-intelligent data mart built specifically for banks & credit unions to access and take action on the right data at the right time.


Financial services expertise gets you the answers you’re looking for, faster.

You don’t have time for customizations or costly consulting. With Daybreak’s industry intelligent data mart, your team can find the data you need to execute business-impactful initiatives like improving customer experiences, decreasing attrition, or gaining a competitive edge.


Simplify the data overload. Get everyone on the same page.

Daybreak is data-source agnostic so whether you are using Tableau, Power BI, or inputs from another third-party source, you can securely connect your existing systems in one location. Now, everyone on your team can access your powerful data and put it to use faster.


Data-backed answers to your most pressing questions as the sun rises.

Say goodbye to stale data. With Daybreak, you receive the data insights you need quickly, consistently, and securely every day. We convert rich, transactional data about your customers into actionable insights, so you can quickly understand the landscape and make informed decisions that advance your strategic business priorities.

John Kamin, Provident Bank

"Daybreak has broken down our data silos and given stakeholders across the organization access to insights they have never had before. We are limited only by our own imagination in terms of the types of insights we can uncover."

John KaminEVP and Chief Information Officer, Provident Bank
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Everyone can access and take action on the right data at the right time.

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Get support from a team of experts.

Get tools, resources, and support throughout our end-to-end process from a team of data scientists and analysts. We’ll help you integrate, enrich, and utilize your data marts for the best results.

With Daybreak, leaders across your organization can:

Bank Deposit Icon

Increase net deposits, card income, and fees to existing customers.

Which customers have a loan, but not a deposit account?

Which customers have an external investment account?

Which current HELOC customers are utilizing less than 25% of their line of credit?

Churn Icon

Increase deposits by reducing churn of current and future high value customers.

Who are my most profitable customers?

Who are my customers with declining performance?

How close does each customer live to one of our branches?

Loan Icon

Increase loan profitability and reduce loan loss reserves.

Which loan customers had irregular overdraft counts in the last 30, 60, or 90 days?

Which loans were modified from the previous day?

How does collateral type affect the default rate?

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