The data analytics landscape has exploded over the past decade with an ever-growing selection of products and services: literally thousands of tools exist to help business deploy and manage data lakes, ETL and ELT, machine learning, and business intelligence. With so many tools to piece together, how do business leaders find the best one or ones? How do you piece them together and use them to get business outcomes? The truth is that many tools are built for data scientists, data engineers and other users with technical expertise. With most tools, if you do not have a data science department, your company is at risk for buying technologies that your team does not have the expertise to use and maintain. This turns digital transformation into a cost center instead of sparking data driven revenue growth.

Data and AI Landscape

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Aunalytics' team of experts

Aunalytics’ side-by-side service model provides value that goes beyond most other tools and platforms on the market by providing a data platform with built-in data management and analytics, as well as access to human intelligence in data engineering, machine learning, and business analytics. While many companies offer one or two similar products, and many consulting firms can provide guidance in choosing and implementing tools, Aunalytics integrates all the tools and expertise in one end-to-end solution built for non-technical business users. The success of a digital transformation project should not be hitting implementation milestones. The success of a digital transformation project should be measured in business outcomes.