Most organizations today realize that their everyday data holds value, yet is a resource that often remains untapped. Community banks and credit unions in particular are beginning to see the necessity of investing in these initiatives to compete with large banks and fintechs. However, despite investment in technology solutions that enable advanced analytics, many organizations still fail to succeed in realizing the value. According to Gartner, through 2022, only 20% of analytic insights will actually deliver business outcomes. Why do so many of these projects fail? For many organizations, they lack a clear vision of success. Their success measures should not be to simply build a data warehouse or hire a data analyst. The success measures should center around specific business outcomes.

In the video clip below, Rich Carlton, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Aunalytics, talks about how the right combination of technology, data and analytics talent, and a focus on achieving specific business objectives leads to analytics success.

Aunalytics provides an end-to-end data and analytics solution, including the technology, talent and expertise to help organizations focus on achieving actionable business outcomes. This insights-as-a-service model removes the pressure of building up an analytics infrastructure so businesses can focus their energies on realizing the value in their data much sooner. To learn more about how Aunalytics empowers community banks and credit unions with the ability to turn their data into actionable insights, watch our webinar, “Enhance Customer Experience and Increase Market Share with AI-Driven Personalized Interactions.”