What is the best data analytics tool for business users? As more business leaders face this question in recent years, most are finding just how hard it is to answer. The data analytics landscape has exploded over the past decade with an ever-growing landscape of products and services: literally thousands of tools exist to help business deploy and manage data lakes, ETL and ELT, machine learning, and business intelligence. With so many tools to piece together, how do business leaders find the best one or ones?

As with most things, the best tool set is simply the one that tailors itself best to the problems and questions that need to be solved. For some users, this could be how to integrate and clean data across siloed systems. Others may want to know how to publish analytical datasets of relevant data and metrics to analysts and marketing researchers. Others may have questions about how to derive value from large amounts of data with machine learning.

The Answers Platform

Aunalytics has built its data platform of tools to answer all of these questions. We believe in providing answers to questions with our integrated data analytics platform and leveraging our industry expertise to put these tools to work for you.

Unlike most tools on the market, Aunalytics provides a comprehensive, end-to-end data platform with all the tools your organization needs:

  • Data integration, cleaning, and migration in the loud with Aunsight™ Golden Record
  • Data transformation, processing, and delivery with Aunsight Data Platform
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with Aunsight Data Lab
  • Delivery and exploration of the data lake with the Daybreak™ Analytical Database

Side-by-Side Service Model

More importantly, Aunalytics’ side-by-side service model provides value that goes beyond most other tools and platforms on the market by providing access to human intelligence in data engineering, machine learning, and business analytics. While many companies offer one or two similar products, and many consulting firms can provide guidance in choosing and implementing tools, Aunalytics integrates all the tools and expertise in one company as your trusted partner in digital transformation.

Aunalytics' team of experts

A Comprehensive Platform

While there are a large number of options to choose from, we at Aunalytics believe our distinctive approach and comprehensive platform tools provide the best solution for all but the largest companies who may wish to create custom analytics solutions in-house. Wherever you are on the data analytics journey, from just beginning to explore the possibilities in your data to global companies with established data science teams, Aunalytics can provide a path through the complicated landscape of tools and infrastructure to grow your company’s data analytics program.