Government agencies need proactive security plans in place to defend against ransomware and other cyberattacks

Government Agencies Need Proactive Security Plans in Place to Defend Against Ransomware

Cyberattacks are increasing across all industries, but for state and local governments and government agencies, the threat is imminent. Attackers are becoming more sophisticated and use a wide variety of tactics to infiltrate organizations. Now, more than ever, a proactive security posture is imperative to avoid the loss of sensitive data and costly downtime.

Security threats

The Stats

With 58% of local and state governments reporting a ransomware attack within the last year, government agencies became one of the most heavily affected groups – second only to academia – in 2021, according to the FBI.

It’s not cheap when government offices fall victim to a ransomware attack. Often agencies are attacked by complex cyberattacks that are difficult to detect and even more difficult to remove while keeping your data safe and your services uninterrupted.

Ransomware isn’t uncommon, but that doesn’t stop your agency from going down for an extended period of time—downtime that cost local and state government entities an estimated $623,700,000 in 2021, reports EMSISOFT in an August, 2022 article.

The Solution

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is becoming a necessity for government agencies of all levels. With the government sector being a prime target for hackers and cyberattacks, it’s imperative that proactive security is in place to protect your confidential data. With a continually increasing threat landscape, having security that can stand up to the worst of bad actors is a must. An SOC takes care of things for you.

Why an SOC? An SOC can answer threats before they slip into your network and servers—before important data has been stolen by the bad actor. Does your organization have an SOC? If not, your agency is falling behind and your security is not up to date, meaning it may not protect you from all cyberattacks that will try to injure your network.

SOCs can be expensive and complex to build, and even harder to fill with talent. Even with the short supply of talented security engineers, most entities cannot afford to compete with the money big names like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook offer, but it doesn’t mean you should go without an SOC.

Getting Help

FedRAMP certification is a long, difficult process, upon which a service provider becomes an expert in providing a secure platform to manage credentials, vendors, workforce, and more. A FedRAMP certified company can best protect your data and uphold your privacy, security, and confidentiality.

Aunalytics is proud to be one of a select few to be FedRAMP ready certified in the Midwest, meaning we have achieved compliance to meet FedRAMP security standards.

With the security standards that FedRAMP certification requires—and a proven history of working with local governments throughout the Midwest – we have tools and talent to protect your data with the most up to date security practices with our Advanced Security service. With an ever-changing landscape that always includes threats, a trustworthy security partner can help keep your data safe, using 24/7/365 threat and vulnerability scanning, allowing us to find and stop bad actors before they ever access your network.

Workstation and Server Patching Allows for Better Security, Helps Curb Cyberattacks (2)

Workstation and Server Patching Allows for Better Security, Helps Curb Cyberattacks

Security PatchingA “patch” is a set of changes to a computer program designed to update, fix, or improve it. Typically, patches are meant to improve the functionality, performance, or usability of a program. Patches can include everything from bug fixes for glitches in the programming to security patches for vulnerabilities.

It’s easy for something—or someone—to slip through the cracks in your security. As a result, this leaves your organization vulnerable to attack without the right security patches. In a world where ransomware costs a company an average of $4.54 million per attack—before the cost of paying the ransom—patches are essential to the security of any organization, from midsized companies to large enterprises. Undoubtedly, patches give your network the security it needs most.

Why patch?

Patching ensures your servers and workstations have thorough protection from the latest security threats—stopping threats as they emerge. Therefore, threats that would have taken out your company for an extended period are no longer a concern with proper security patching.

But patching can be difficult to manage, keep track of, and update promptly. Setting up and coordinating manual patching across an organization can feel like a nightmare, taking days to organize, schedule, and execute across your entire company.

Crucial for Company Security

Workstation and server patching is crucial, stopping devastating malware attacks, like WannaCry, in their tracks. McKinsey cites good patch management as a top proactive maintenance measure that can help your organization prevent cyberattacks.

Knowing the priority level for patch installment can be confusing, leading to poor patch management. Therefore, enlisting the help of a partner to employ security patching best-practices can be a boon to many organizations. Since Aunalytics is well-versed on patching, patch installments are timed to avoid as many bugs as possible, and patches are prioritized in order of importance. Patching keeps those who would hurt your business at arm’s length—and with Aunalytics, you don’t have to worry about patching your workstations and servers yourself, you will have a trusted partner to back you up.

We believe security is so important that we embed it into our Advanced Security offering, helping your business thrive at no additional cost to you. Gain peace of mind and eliminate technical worries with Aunalytics.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions Allow Businesses to Scale and Thrive

Enterprise Cloud Solutions Allow Businesses to Scale and Thrive

Enterprise Cloud Solutions Allow Businesses to Scale and ThriveAs your organization grows, so does the need for the benefits cloud computing provides. To stay ahead of the competition, your company needs to seize every opportunity in its sight. Enterprise cloud solutions are essential for increasing business agility and further bolstering chances of success.

Paul Delory, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner says, “Cloud adoption accelerated rapidly during the pandemic and will accelerate further in the years to come.” There are several new advancements in the global IT infrastructure that have made deployment easier, which enables use cases which were previously considered to be unfeasible.

To get the most out of cloud storage, however, you need to find a cloud computing solution that fits your company’s needs. An enterprise cloud solution is a natural progression for any organization that has outgrown an onsite, physical server. A switch to a cloud computing solution can be compared to switching from everyone in an organization from owning a basic car to everyone in your organization carpooling in an efficient high-performance vehicle. Everyone gets to pool the resource and share it, but can also maintain their individuality.

A customer does not need to buy a physical or cloud server—instead they buy CPU, RAM, and storage components to satisfy their data and computational needs. These solutions often have scalability factored in, and, as you have greater needs as you grow, cloud providers are able to open more CPU, RAM, and storage as needed. For any organization, this option is significantly more feasible than having to buy double or triple the CPU and RAM for a physical server that they have on site. Our Enterprise Cloud offers server space in a shared environment that partitions a particular user’s CPU and RAM needs, alongside other user’s CPU and RAM needs, into a single, larger, combined CPU provisioning—and a single, larger, combined RAM bucket that are both Enterprise-level.

Aunalytics has high performance infrastructure solutions that provide scalable platforms for all your needs—including hosting servers, data, and applications at any performance level you’ll need. With this elastic infrastructure, we can support your ever-expanding needs and ensure your business is able to leverage the most robust cloud computing environment. Our hosting solutions are backed by our expertise in data, analytics, machine learning, and more.

To ensure the highest level of reliability, we host our Enterprise Cloud solution through multiple geographically diverse company-owned data centers, which provides you with a highly redundant and scalable platform. This cloud solution is intended to keep your data extremely safe and accessible and is scalable to handle any level of I/O intensive workloads.

Access to a strong cloud computing and storage solutions enable you to experience true efficiency as you manage, run, and secure applications across multiple devices. To increase your business’s agility, and meet your needs and your clients’ expectations, consider using a cloud computing solution and leverage the benefits of a consistent infrastructure with the ability to dynamically adjust to your requirements.

Focusing on Business Outcomes Leads to Analytics Success

Most organizations today realize that their everyday data holds value, yet is a resource that often remains untapped. Community banks and credit unions in particular are beginning to see the necessity of investing in these initiatives to compete with large banks and fintechs. However, despite investment in technology solutions that enable advanced analytics, many organizations still fail to succeed in realizing the value. According to Gartner, through 2022, only 20% of analytic insights will actually deliver business outcomes. Why do so many of these projects fail? For many organizations, they lack a clear vision of success. Their success measures should not be to simply build a data warehouse or hire a data analyst. The success measures should center around specific business outcomes.

In the video clip below, Rich Carlton, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Aunalytics, talks about how the right combination of technology, data and analytics talent, and a focus on achieving specific business objectives leads to analytics success.

Aunalytics provides an end-to-end data and analytics solution, including the technology, talent and expertise to help organizations focus on achieving actionable business outcomes. This insights-as-a-service model removes the pressure of building up an analytics infrastructure so businesses can focus their energies on realizing the value in their data much sooner. To learn more about how Aunalytics empowers community banks and credit unions with the ability to turn their data into actionable insights, watch our webinar, “Enhance Customer Experience and Increase Market Share with AI-Driven Personalized Interactions.”

Backup vs. Disaster Recovery

Backup vs Disaster Recovery: What’s the Difference?

Your data is vital for your business to function. Often, companies are not completely confident in what should be a part of their Business Continuity Plan (BCP), and do not understand that they need both data backup and disaster recovery to re-operationalize the business to be covered for outages and disasters.


Data BackupBackup services ensure your data is replicated to a separate, secure location and able to be quickly and easily restored after an outage or disaster event. Many instances of data loss occur due to accidental deletion or corruption, short of an attack or disaster. If you have a backup, what you technically have is a copy of your original data that was last backed up in a virtual or physical location. A backup can be used in case of outage or database failure. It will return data to the last restore point, meaning you may lose some information in the process. Colocation services to store back-ups in multiple separate, secure locations are recommended for resiliency.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery services are designed to bring a business back online after a failure at the primary business site. Disaster recovery includes steps to operationalize the data back-ups, and bring back online networks and systems should an attack or outage occur. With a disaster recovery solution in place your organization’s data and the functioning of your IT systems are restored. An all-encompassing Disaster Recovery plan restores business functions and minimizes losses and downtimes. It includes server level and site level restoration. You may have to invest in an entire secondary IT infrastructure unless you have a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provider.

Disaster RecoveryMost midsized institutions do not have a team of disaster recovery experts in house to help them to get their business up and running in case of an unforeseen disaster. Gartner reports that in a recent survey, 86% of IT leaders state that their recovery capabilities meet or exceed CIO expectations, but only 27% reported having a disaster recovery plan in place that included base elements of recovery: formalizing scope, performing a BIA to understand business requirements, and creating detailed recovery procedures. On the other hand, “those with a solid disaster recovery program are 40% more likely to demonstrate a stronger overall resilience posture.” Disaster recovery experts supplement your IT team to restore systems and business operations.

Business Continuity Plan

A Business Continuity Plan should include both backup procedures so that you protect your business from data loss, and disaster recovery plans to restore networks, systems and data after failure at your primary business site. For IT resiliency, your plan should include: active monitoring and assessment of IT hazards; resiliency risk assessment including potential consequences; risk and mitigation strategies; understanding of business relevance of the assets to understand business drivers and classify assets in terms of business criticality; and setting IT resilience priorities. Recovery plans should be drilled and tested regularly.

Aunalytics Backup and Disaster Recovery services will give your organization the peace of mind that, no matter what circumstances come, a trusted partner will have your back. You will not have to worry about data loss or theft, as backing up your on-premises data to the cloud will allow your company to have a business continuity plan in place to save critical business information, and you will have experts on hand to help your IT team restore networks, systems and data after a disaster.

Timing is Everything in Delivering Data-Driven Insights for Bankers

Timing is Everything in Delivering Data-Driven Insights for Bankers

Many banks and credit unions have set their sights upon initiatives that would allow their teams to make informed, data-driven decisions to improve their business. But when it comes to delivering data-driven insights, timing is everything. Currently, too many mid-sized credit unions and banks rely upon reporting modules from their banking cores for trying to understand business performance and making business decisions. The problem with doing this is two-fold.

First, core reporting only shows you what happened in the past. It does not give you predictive insights for acting now or in the future. As we know, market conditions can rapidly change. Looking back on what worked for your institution three months ago may be informative on past performance, but it is of limited value in deciding what to do next. Your analysis is limited to a review of the past, and then guesswork for what to do today. This is a business review, not data analytics.

Second, by the time that most financial institutions get their core reports, it is months later. This means that if you are basing decision-making on analysis of the core reports, you are making decisions based upon stale data. As we know, market conditions can rapidly change. For example, if you are looking back 3-6 months, you may likely see strong mortgage lending performance. But as we know, with climbing interest rates and inflation, mortgages are not the hot product that they were six months ago. If you decided to double-down on marketing and sales campaigns for achieving new mortgage loans, you would not have the return on this investment that you might have had six months ago. The core report data is stale and does not reflect the market changes.

Timing is Crucial

Timing is Everything in Delivering Data-Driven InsightsFor this reason, it is critical that your team be enabled to act based upon fresh data. This allows your team to be nimble and pivot strategy as the market changes. The change in the mortgage lending business is an obvious one, given changes by the Fed in interest rates. But what about subtle changes in the market? What about changes for each of your members or customers individually in their life circumstances and behaviors? Having information on what was relevant to a customer three months ago does little to help you act today.

For example, when a member changes jobs you have a window of opportunity to market an IRA product before the member likely settles into a new 401(k). If you market the IRA to the member three months later, she likely has rolled over into the new 401(k) and you missed your opportunity. Yet if you had a data analytics solution that provided daily insights, such as a change in the income stream pattern by amount or timing of payroll deposits, this could alert you to a change in employment status as it is happening. This gives your team the ability to sell an investment product when the opportunity is ripe.

Delivering Fresh Data-Driven Insights

Only predictive data analytics can deliver daily insights at scale for all of your customers or members. By detecting trends and patterns revealing growth drivers through predictive analytics, your team can be nimble and positioned for informed decision-making. This leads to doing more of what is working and less of what is not effective in growing operating income and customer loyalty.

AI Solutions Accelerate Business Outcomes for Midsize Financial Institutions

The Aunalytics Innovation Lab develops AI solutions for midsized financial institutions
The Aunalytics Innovation Lab develops AI solutions for midsized financial institutions.

Midsize financial institutions make better decisions when they utilize AI solutions to discover insights in their data. By combining powerful analytics and intelligence services with an experienced data science team, organizations can gain access to an affordable alternative to HyperCloud-based AI solutions. The Aunalytics® Innovation Lab was established to fulfill the need for deep insights, catering to midsize financial services organizations lacking large AI budgets. This highly specialized team of data scientists produces data-driven analytic insights for companies seeking unique predictive functionality to solve mission critical business challenges.

According to a recent Deloitte survey of IT and line-of-business executives, “86% of financial services AI adopters say that AI will be very or critically important to the success of their business over the next two years. While the banking sector has long been technology-dependent and data-intensive, new data-enabled AI technology has the capability to drive innovation further and faster than ever before. AI can help improve efficiency, enable a growth agenda, boost differentiation, manage risk and regulatory needs, and positively influence customer experience.”

To speed insights for financial services customers, the Innovation Lab has developed AI-powered Smart Features. Smart Features are customized to leverage insights obtained from data-driven machine learning models. By providing extensive data science expertise to answer industry and client specific business questions, Aunalytics is showcasing the promise of data-driven intelligence for midmarket financial services. As a result, these organizations can better understand a particular customer, product or service viability through comparison to other customers and/or data. Whether there is an interest in knowing if a customer is likely to select a new financial product, her potential as a long-term customer, or any other number of questions, the Aunalytics Innovation Lab team of data scientists and financial industry business analysts are experienced and committed to answering these questions based on years of experience with other small to midsize financial establishments.


Smart Feature Enrichment
AI-powered Smart Features mine your data to add knowledge beyond basic statistics and aggregations.


“Demand for intelligence services by financial services organizations is strong in 2022. Therefore, we are building in a number of new Smart Features to enhance system capabilities,” said David Cieslak, Chief Data Scientist. “Our goal is to enable mid-market financial institutions, such as community banks and credit unions, to use data in a powerful way to enhance their personalized services to better compete against Fortune 500 banks.”

As the financial services industry is one of the top consumers of business intelligence and analytics, these organizations are on the hunt for cutting-edge technology in their mission to identify customer preferences with regard to financial products as well as the need to better understand operational systems and conditions throughout the business. Data platform and predictive analytics solution providers like Aunalytics are the primary enablers behind many next-generation initiatives and are managing the lion’s share of this work for community banks and credit unions by extracting strategic insights, prioritizing market share, expanding products/services, and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) to maintain operational excellence. As a result, this has supported community financial institutions to better compete against national banks by strengthening the level of decision making, while empowering white glove service with powerful data analytics.

Aunalytics Managed IT Services Safeguard Local Government Against Disruptive Weather, Cyber, and Pandemic Events

Aunalytics Managed IT Services Safeguard Local Government Against Disruptive Weather, Cyber, and Pandemic Events

Aunalytics Managed IT Services Safeguard Local Government Against Disruptive Weather, Cyber, and Pandemic EventsPartnering with Aunalytics for managed IT services has proven to be an extremely beneficial decision for one Ohio county government. Logan County, Ohio, has faced several significant events over the past few years, including severe weather, cyberattacks, and of course the pandemic—all of which challenged the resiliency of the county’s IT infrastructure.

As a primarily rural area, the county is in short supply of experienced technology professionals available to assist with IT management. As a result, the decision was made to contract with a skilled managed IT services provider with regional operations. This has evolved into what is today a strategic relationship with Aunalytics where the IT services and solution provider is integrated both horizontally and vertically to oversee nearly all aspects of the county’s IT operations. This includes oversight of applications, as well as servers, storage, endpoint devices, security, networking, and data protection to ensure business continuity.

This partnership has been particularly beneficial as Logan County has faced a series of challenging events:

  • A powerful storm damaged the county’s courthouse, resulting in a complete closure and relocation of court staff and systems. The IT and business recovery experts at Aunalytics helped to set up transitional offices, upgrade servers, desktops and laptops to enable remote access to all required information stores, allowing the court to proceed with operations. Once repairs to the courthouse were complete, relocation support back to the building began and re-orchestration of all IT infrastructure was completed by the Aunalytics’ IT services and support team.
  • In early 2021, the Jobs and Family Services Office was also severely damaged after the weight of ice and snow collapsed the roof, necessitating evacuation to a temporary facility. As with the damaged courthouse, the managed IT services team coordinated with a rented facility prior to occupancy and wired the location for operations, minimizing downtime and facilitating the quick re-opening of the temporary office location in order to return services to the community.
  • The past 12 months have also seen a recurring stream of cyberattacks, where Aunalytics has defended the county’s sensitive data and systems from downtime. However, in one instance, a server at the sheriff’s headquarters was struck by an attack, resulting in a printer issue. The attack occurred on a Friday when Aunalytics took immediate action and rectified the printer issue over the weekend, returning it to proper operation by Monday morning.
  • Adding to the challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic began in March of 2020, causing a number of IT issues as county employees worked remotely, exposing a large number of computing endpoints in the form of laptops, desktops, printers and other network-connected devices outside of the county walls. Aunalytics assisted by improving virtual private network (VPN) services for much higher traffic volumes than usual and managed these systems so that county employees could re-establish their work environments from home where they would be protected against the contagious and, in some cases, deadly virus.
Measuring Success

The county measures the success of its outsourced IT operations by looking at uptime and risk mitigation. Aunalytics has provided an IT services foundation that reduces the number of internal employee hours allocated to IT management and monitoring. Aunalytics enables Logan County staff to work remotely in a much more efficient and reliable manner than otherwise possible. Furthermore, both the security and disaster recovery capabilities implemented have been exceptional, guarding the county against serious downtime for many years.

According to Jack Reser, Auditor of Logan County, “The causes of downtime in a distributed IT infrastructure can be innumerable and the county has definitely had its share of events putting its services at risk. However, Aunalytics has been a reliable IT services partner, quickly responding to our challenges and with expertise that ensures we are returned to the people’s business without delay. Aunalytics has been a steadfast IT partner that we plan to work with closely in 2022 and beyond.”

Learn more about how Aunalytics Managed IT Services have benefitted the Logan County government by downloading the full case study.

Managed IT Services Drive Value for Mid-Sized Businesses

Managed IT Services Drive Value for Mid-Sized BusinessesIn today’s world, technology is essential to business. While many organizations simply see IT as a cost center, there are ways to mitigate these costs by utilizing managed IT services to increase reliability, reduce risk, and increase operational efficiency. Organizations must invest in IT to continue to stay relevant and secure in a changing world—employees working from home during and after the pandemic is a prime example. But this kind of flexibility requires continued innovation within the IT space, and mid-sized businesses oftentimes lack the resources to do so on their own. Managed IT solutions are the key to mitigating risk while continually improving business processes—providing real business value to the company.


Increased Reliability

Modern businesses run on technology, making the IT department indispensable to daily operations. Unfortunately, outages can and do happen, and when they do, they can be very costly. Gartner estimates that on average, downtime costs companies $5,600 per minute or somewhere between $140K to $540K per hour. Even after an outage is resolved, it requires effort to restore lost data, make required updates, install necessary hardware upgrades, and ultimately get business back on track.

This worst-case scenario can be avoided by working with a managed IT services provider who works around the clock to manage hardware and software and will proactively address issues before they lead to costly outages and downtime.

Aunalytics offers a Secure Managed Services solution that includes 24/7/365 remote monitoring and management to mitigate the risk of your valuable infrastructure going down or becoming unavailable. Our advanced monitoring tool ecosystem allows us to not only respond to equipment that is reporting down in a timely manner, but also to proactively detect system issues and repair them ahead of downtime. Our remote monitoring agent includes client-based interactive support, performance management, alerting, asset management and reporting, while on-site support ensures issues can be resolved quickly at any time of day.


Reduced Security Risk

Ensuring that systems are up-to-date and constantly monitored is just one piece of the equation. Cyberattacks are an increasingly ubiquitous threat for businesses both large and small. In 2021, ransomware attacks increased by almost 105% worldwide, Fortune reports. And these increases are even higher in certain industries—in 2021, governments worldwide saw a 1,885% increase in ransomware attacks, while the health care industry faced a 755% increase, according to the 2022 Cyber Threat Report. In addition, attacks are becoming increasingly malicious and complex. Statista reports that the average duration of the downtime after a ransomware attack had increased from 15 to 20 days between Q1 2020 and Q4 2021.

Cloud, Security, Managed IT services

Just as outages and disruptions due to technical issues can be avoided with proactive maintenance measures, there are steps organizations can take to avoid cyberattacks. McKinsey cites several tactics that have proven successful at mitigating cyberattacks which include: securing remote workstations, multifactor authentication, patch management, disabling user-level command-line capabilities and blocking TCP port 445, protecting Active Directory, and organization-wide education and training.

The in-house IT department of a mid-sized business could implement many of these tactics on its own, but generally these individuals are not data security experts. Knowing how to effectively monitor, manage, detect, prevent, and respond to cyberattacks is a very specialized skillset. Big enterprises have the bandwidth to take on these divisions. The mid-market does not.

By partnering with a managed IT services provider who is entrenched in the latest security best practices and strategies, mid-market companies avoid making costly mistakes and omissions. They can stay well-protected at all times. At Aunalytics, our security expertise includes proactive security services that your business needs to thrive. As threats evolve, your security solutions must adapt. We meet you where you are and guide you on a journey to mature your overall security posture and manage risk.


Increased Operational Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits to partnering with a managed IT services provider is increased operational efficiency. The IT team of a mid-sized business spends most of its time dealing with day-to-day challenges, and they don’t have time to think too far ahead. It can also be difficult for businesses to hire and retain IT talent. Mid-sized businesses increase operational efficiency when they utilize the talents of a managed IT services partner to advise, build, and maintain solutions on the forefront of technological advances. This partnership gives the organization’s internal team the freedom to focus on what they do best.

At Aunalytics, we strongly believe that innovation through technology makes teams more efficient. We are committed to helping organizations digitally transform by guiding and assisting them along every step of the journey. ultimately, allowing them to thrive by working side-by-side with existing teams to drive positive business outcomes through the use of Aunalytics’ technology and solutions.


Aunalytics Managed IT Services

To achieve our mission of helping mid-market businesses thrive, Aunalytics offers a wide range of managed IT and security services. It Aunalytics, we believe security is so vital that our Secure Managed Services solution includes embedded security. We offer everything needed to support the IT needs of mid-sized businesses, including:

  • 24/7/365 Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Synchronized Network Security Platform
  • Internet Protection
  • Workstation & Server Patching
  • Office 365 Management & Security
  • Email Filtering & Security
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Data & Device Encryption Management
  • Security Awareness Training

Managed IT Cycle - Advise > Build > Maintain > Business Outcomes

But at the core of all of our offerings is the team of experts that work side-by-side with clients to meet both their everyday needs and make improvements that will benefit them long-term. For urgent day-to-day issues, the Aunalytics Service Desk is available 24/7/365. Our Service Desk is comprised of knowledgeable technicians and engineers working in tandem to tackle technical issues—both simple and complex—that impact our clients. To keep your business moving forward for the future, we work with your team make improvements to your existing tech stack. With years of experience working with the mid-market, we are confident recommending new technologies and procedures your team may not even realize you need.

The technology and security experts at Aunalytics reduce your risk and increase your efficiency. Gain peace of mind by knowing that our team is there to support your tech initiatives and keep your business up and running and secure.

Why Mid-Market Organizations Need Digital Transformation Solutions that Combine the Right Technology and Talent to Achieve Business Value

Why Mid-Market Organizations Need Digital Transformation Solutions that Combine the Right Technology and Talent to Achieve Business Value

At Aunalytics, we know that an organization’s everyday data holds value, yet is a resource that often remains untapped. This is especially true for the mid-market—this market segment has been underserved and often lacks access to data management and analytics technologies and expertise. Our mission is to empower the mid-market with solutions that enable digital transformation so they can compete and stay relevant.

Digital transformation calls for mid-market companies to shift away from operational silos and work across the company to harness the power of data. This requires the integration of diverse technology across all functional business areas to enable convergence, promote a positive cultural change, drive customer value, and facilitate operational agility. Gartner’s report “Over 100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2025” asserts that by 2024, 75% of organizations will have established a centralized data and analytics center of excellence to support federated data and analytics initiatives and prevent enterprise failure. By 2023, organizations with shared companywide data management goals, including stewardship, governance, and semantics to enable inter-enterprise data sharing, will outperform those that don’t.

There is a recipe for successfully transforming massive amounts of corporate and third-party data created and used daily in your lines of business into a valuable asset. But to achieve business outcomes, organizations need to implement digital transformation solutions that include the right technologies/tools combined with the right talent.


Aunalytics End-to-end platform

The Right Tools and Technology

Mid-market companies generally do not currently have the tools needed to find value in their data through advanced analytics and AI. An enterprise data warehouse is only one piece of the puzzle. Successful mid-market digital transformation requires the appropriate storage and compute infrastructure, data management platform, and analytics software. It can be difficult to piece together each of these components into a single, unified system—it is expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient.

To solve this challenge, Aunalytics has developed a robust, cloud-native data platform built for universal data access, powerful analytics, and AI. Mid-market businesses benefit from using an end-to-end, cloud-based platform as it moves the burden of infrastructure procurement and maintenance to a third-party vendor in the data industry. An end-to-end platform is secure, reliable, and scalable while including the added benefit of being deployed and managed as a service. This is especially important for mid-market businesses because finding the right talent to execute digital transformation initiatives is extremely challenging in the current market.


The Right Talent and Expertise

Most IT departments do not currently have the skill sets needed for getting business value out of data. At the same time, for most mid-market companies, it does not make business sense to hire an entire division of highly compensated data experts to achieve digital transformation goals. Even if a mid-market company can find and hire these scarce resources—they were hard to come by even before the Talent War of 2022.

Experts by your sideEstablishing a side-by-side partnership with a data platform company is the key to gaining the benefits of working with experts including cloud engineers, data engineers, security experts, data scientists and other highly skilled technical resources to achieve true business value. By getting expert help, you can devote your company’s time, resources, and innovation to your business and focus on what you do best.

Aunalytics provides a team of experts who assist every step of the way. Mid-market businesses will have access to the right tools, resources, and support throughout our end-to-end process. Our team also includes industry experts who help businesses identify areas in which data can provide the most value, and guidance on how to work toward achieving these goals.


Aunalytics’ Digital Transformation Solution Gives Mid-Sized Businesses Answers


Tools + Talent = Business Outcomes


With Aunalytics, you get the technology and expertise required to complete the journey from data to actionable business results. This combination accelerates digital transformation, which allows businesses to realize the value of their investment quickly. By taking advantage of the experienced data professionals at Aunalytics, organizations can save time and avoid making costly mistakes while also maximizing the value currently hidden in their data.