Every business has sensitive data that should not be shared with the world at large. Credit card information, personal details, company records—all of this data can be exposed or stolen and ransomed via a single bad actor.

Is Your Data Safe?

Everyone from banks and credit unions to government agencies and utility companies need one basic thing that can stop bad actors: good data security. With hackers and ransomware encroaching on your network, it’s more important than ever before that you have proactive data protection in place.

Good data security includes 24/7/365 monitoring of your network, constant threat and vulnerability scanning, a functioning Security Operations Center (SOC) and more. The problem? It’s hard to find talent to maintain a functional SOC, and when you do find talent your mid-market business may not be able to compete with offers from large enterprises.

While finding, paying, and retaining high quality talent is hard, partnering is not. A side-by-side approach with a knowledgeable partner allows you to actively react to the ever-changing digital landscape—not after your company’s security has been left behind and open for bad actors.

Side-by-side Security Partnership
How Can You Protect Your Data?

Many security tools are made for experts—security engineers, network engineers, and others with specific technical expertise. Because the security landscape keeps changing, as bad actors evolve techniques and new threats are constantly emerging, security requires full time dedication to researching and staying up to date with threats, new prevention measures and remediation best practices. Most IT departments do not have time for the research and adaption that security requires. If you don’t have a team that can constantly update your security to provide your company with the best security possible, your security posture will begin to sag. A sagging posture isn’t good for any industry or company—and it needs to be fixed immediately.

By hiring a trusted partner, you can ensure that your sensitive data is secure. Having security that stands up to the worst of ransomware, hackers, and more is a must. An SOC takes care of things for you.

If your company doesn’t have an SOC, it is falling behind. Out of date security means injury to your network becomes more and more likely, and a security event can cause you to lose clients and prospects, large sums of money, and even tarnish your company’s reputation.

Partnering Up

You should already have an internal IT team. Aunalytics’ SOC isn’t meant to replace your IT team, but to supplement and support your team’s security initiatives. An SOC can stop threats before they enter your network and cause chaos, keeping your data out of the hands of bad actors everywhere.

When you need to protect your data, Aunalytics has you covered. With expert toolsets and talent, your business can depend on us to have highly trained experts and the newest technology and information to protect your business in the ongoing threat landscape.