Credit Union Uses Daybreak to Deliver Insights Specific to Its Business

Case Study:

Credit Union Uses Daybreak to Deliver Insights

The President of a Michigan credit union wanted to incorporate data analytics for better executive decision-making. As new community banks and credit unions kept moving to his region, he was concerned about the credit union’s ability to compete and distinguish themselves from other local, white glove financial services options. To meet this goal, the president wanted a dashboard to view all member data in one place, but he did not know where to begin.

This case study summarizes how the credit union was able to laser in on what it needed based upon their failed attempts. It needed a solution with a focus on reporting to the end user to deliver insights that would give business outcomes. It needed Daybreak™.

Aunalytics is a data platform company. We deliver insights as a service to answer your most important IT and business questions.

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