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Companies Merge into the New Aunalytics


Leading analytics & IT cloud providers unify to align with direction of the future.

SOUTH BEND, IND. (October 1, 2019) – Aunalytics, a leader in data and analytics services for enterprise businesses, announced today that it has unified four entities into the new Aunalytics, adding cloud, managed, and data center services to its offerings.

The newly unified Aunalytics positions the company as a unique leader in the IT market, offering a new category of software and services. Aunalytics is creating a single ecosystem that offers a full-featured, end-to-end cloud platform, capable of everything from traditional cloud hosting, to analytics and artificial intelligence.

This move follows significant growth in Aunalytics’ Midwest footprint as the only provider of a cloud platform with both analytics and production capabilities. The expansion, driven in part by acquiring the cloud infrastructure assets of MicroIntegration in South Bend, IN and Secant in Kalamazoo, MI, has resulted in strong momentum for Aunalytics. Today, the company employs over 180 team members – representing 56 universities, six countries, four branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, and has attracted talent from 11 states specifically to work at Aunalytics.

Secant is now Aunalytics

“The Secant name served us very well for many years, but as we continue to grow across the region and around the country, it is important to evolve the brand to better reflect our people and purpose,” said Steve Burdick, VP Sales, Cloud & Managed Services. “From the most foundational IT needs, to the most challenging AI initiatives, we have an expert team that can help manage every step of a client’s digital journey.”

MicroIntegration is now Aunalytics

“The change of our name represents the merger of multiple companies with unique technology capabilities that when joined together provide a world-class cloud platform with managed services to support virtually any technology our clients need,” said Terry Gour, President & COO, Cloud & Managed Services.

Data Realty is now Aunalytics

“Data Realty’s Northern Indiana data center was one of the first buildings in South Bend’s technology park, Ignition Park, and we’re excited, again, be part of the largest company at the tech park, as Aunalytics,” said Rich Carlton, President & Data Services Lead. “With almost 200 team members and multiple locations across two states, we have more top talent that can manage every step from hosting to AI.”

The Aunalytics Name

The mathematical symbol (U) means union. The letter ‘u” added to “analytics” symbolizes the belief that analytics is not just about data or software-as-a-service. It is about a union between technology and human intelligence, between digital partner and client, between cloud and artificial intelligence. Those that can master these unions, are the companies that will truly thrive and remain competitive.

“We’re living in a data-rich world that is only getting richer. But harnessing that data is extraordinarily difficult for most companies. Businesses need a partner that can provide not just the right systems and software tools, but the people and judgement to implement them strategically,” says Carlton. “They need a catalyst to help them on their journey to digital transformation. Aunalytics is that catalyst.”

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About Aunalytics

Aunalytics brings together the best of human intelligence and leading digital technologies to transform business challenges into flexible, scalable solutions, measured by definable business outcomes. Through a seamless integration of tailored IT initiatives, secure cloud infrastructure, and big data, analytics and AI solutions, Aunalytics is a catalyst for human and organizational thriving.