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4 Ways Disparate Data Sets Are Holding You Back

by Aunalytics • September 29, 2016

As an enterprise with a lot of different sectors and moving parts, having disparate, siloed data is hard to avoid. After all, the marketing department may deal with certain information while the IT team works with other data. The details the finance department leverages aren’t the same as what’s used by HR, and so on. […]

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Big data challenges: What’s impacting your company?

by Aunalytics • September 23, 2016

There are a few main challenges that many organizations face with their big data initiatives that could be holding them back from success. Big data is an incredibly important part of business processes today, helping to streamline activities and improve efficiency across the board. Analysis holds the key to a nearly endless list of potential enhancements, […]

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Do you know who your best customers are? How big data can help

by Aunalytics • September 16, 2016

Big data offers a seemingly endless number of possibilities for today’s businesses. In addition to gains in revenue and efficiency, big data analysis can also bring a number of advantages when it comes to a company’s current and prospective customers. This is big news, particularly for the marketing department. Learning more about potential buyers, their […]

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What is Little Data and what does it mean for my big data initiatives?

by Aunalytics • September 9, 2016

Big data has been the buzz of the business world for years now, with businesses across every industrial sector gathering and analyzing information in an effort to leverage the resulting actionable insights. For the past few years, “big” has been the name of the game, with organizations working to indiscriminately collect as many details in […]

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Does your company need to hire a data scientist?

by Aunalytics • September 1, 2016

For the past few years, big data has been all the rage, especially as businesses across every enterprise sector realize the benefits that it can bring to their organizations. However, in order to reap these advantages, your business must be armed with the tools and know-how necessary to mine information and analyze it correctly. This […]