“Data and analytics will ignite the competitive advantage of companies and fuel the engine of growth—revolutionizing business and improving lives.
-Nitesh Chawla, Ph.D., Founder

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Aunalytics exists to help others harness the power of data and use it to fuel the economic engine of growing companies, communities and people.

Featured Use Cases

Digital Analytics: Clickstream Analysis

We can analyze how users navigate your site, pull data across multiple systems to create robust profiles of users, and develop algorithms to predict and recommend products and content to users based on their browsing history and demographic data.
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Operational Analytics: Oncology Analytics

With the help of our data science software, Aunsight, we have been able to streamline financial reporting, audit billing statements, and provide recommendations for drug therapies that make the most sense, both clinically and financially, for patients given their unique, individual circumstances.
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Consumer Analytics: Retention, Upsell, New Customer Acquisition

At Aunalytics, we have worked with businesses across various industries to analyze their customer base and develop algorithms that accurately predict customer churn, suggest upsell opportunities, and identify new prospects.
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How Do We Do It?

Data preparation spreadsheet

Data Preparation

Before any analysis can be done, the data must be formatted properly. This step is essential to the success of any project—your insights are only as good as your data. With our data science software, Aunsight, data aggregation, cleaning, linking and featurizing are streamlined and easier than ever before!

Charts and graphs

Detailed Analysis

We are data experts—our analysts and data scientists can offer anything from customized dashboards for business intelligence featuring real-time reporting, to advanced machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics. We work to gain a deep understanding of your business in order to provide the analytical solutions that answer your most pressing questions.

Analysis to action cycle

Actionable Insights

Action is the most important aspect of any analysis. We don’t just stop at analysis. We want to make sure clients not only understand their data, but also have a plan for putting those insights into action. We facilitate “experiments” to gauge the success of our algorithms, and also provide suggestions on how to improve your business based on the data.


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