Internet of Things imagery showing connected device icons

The Internet of Things: Challenges, Insights, & The Future

by Aunalytics • March 30, 2016

This month, we sat down with Aunalytics’ Vice President of Predictive Modeling, David Cieslak, PhD, to discuss his work on Internet of Things (IoT) analysis. We talked about the unique challenges of this type of project and what he’s learned, interesting insights he has discovered, and his thoughts on the future of the IoT field. […]

Laptop connected to Google Analytics and BigQuery

Getting More from Web Analysis with The Right Tools

by Julie Grisanti • March 7, 2016

It is important for a business to maintain a website in some form or another. Some business websites are purely informational, providing basic details on the company. Others are a means to gain new leads or sell products. Still others could even be considered the business’ product itself, such as media outlets specializing in the […]