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Aunalytics is your answer for cloud hosting.

Our high performance infrastructure solutions provide a scalable platform for hosting servers, data, and applications at any performance level. Our cloud hosting capabilities are backed by expertise in data, analytics and Machine Learning.

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Our business is the cloud.

The Aunalytics® Cloud solution provides a highly redundant and scalable platform for hosting servers, data, and applications at any performance level.


At the heart of our cloud is security. If your data is not safe, nothing else matters. That is why we’ve made the cultivation of a secure environment our top priority.


The Aunalytics Cloud Storage and Compute solution facilitates the access to servers, data, and applications securely from any location worldwide.


Aunalytics only employs the most qualified Cloud Engineers. When you partner with Aunalytics you get years of experience and a team of certified engineers to work side by side with you.


The Aunalytics Cloud is built to scale and can handle even the most I/O intensive workloads. It gives the ability to scale down and up as often as you like. Cloud resources are available wherever you are.


By only paying for what you consume, you save money over costly capital expenses. Eliminate the need to spend large amounts of money purchasing and maintaining hardware and software.

High Availability

Built with redundancy. We have the ability to aggregate bandwidth commits between all of our data centers, which delivers bandwith that can be flexibly managed across all multiple sites.

Data center services


Security is provided using multi-factor authentication for authorized access. Video surveillance is installed at each entrance, around the external facility, and in all data and core infrastructure rooms.


Data center buildings and equipment yards are hardened to provide protection against wind/tornado damage as well as water intrusion.

Enterprise Cloud Management

We manage advanced compute environments for your data warehouse such as Kubernetes, Hadoop and Alluxio.

Cooling & Fire Suppression

The data center space is protected by an inert gas fire protection system. Each facility has an N+1 cooling system which maintains proper temperature and humidity levels.


Power system components are redundant and dual-pathed to fully meet Tier III requirements.​

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

The communication rooms are supplied power from enterprise-grade, double-conversion UPS systems.


Each facility has an N+1 design for generator power. Fuel storage is maintained to provide a minimum 48-hour run time with contracted refills with redundant carriers.


Aunalytics provides a carrier-neutral facility with diverse entry points. Multiple fiber carriers are available at each data center.


Aunalytics provides continuous monitoring of all critical support equipment via both electronic and human means.

Our data centers and cloud services are secure and trusted

VMware Cloud Verified

“Aunalytics consistently delivers what they say they can do, in the amount of time they say they are going to do it, and for the cost they quote. Sometimes less!”

Erin Perkins, Van Buren Community Mental Health

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