Security PatchingA “patch” is a set of changes to a computer program designed to update, fix, or improve it. Typically, patches are meant to improve the functionality, performance, or usability of a program. Patches can include everything from bug fixes for glitches in the programming to security patches for vulnerabilities.

It’s easy for something—or someone—to slip through the cracks in your security. As a result, this leaves your organization vulnerable to attack without the right security patches. In a world where ransomware costs a company an average of $4.54 million per attack—before the cost of paying the ransom—patches are essential to the security of any organization, from midsized companies to large enterprises. Undoubtedly, patches give your network the security it needs most.

Why patch?

Patching ensures your servers and workstations have thorough protection from the latest security threats—stopping threats as they emerge. Therefore, threats that would have taken out your company for an extended period are no longer a concern with proper security patching.

But patching can be difficult to manage, keep track of, and update promptly. Setting up and coordinating manual patching across an organization can feel like a nightmare, taking days to organize, schedule, and execute across your entire company.

Crucial for Company Security

Workstation and server patching is crucial, stopping devastating malware attacks, like WannaCry, in their tracks. McKinsey cites good patch management as a top proactive maintenance measure that can help your organization prevent cyberattacks.

Knowing the priority level for patch installment can be confusing, leading to poor patch management. Therefore, enlisting the help of a partner to employ security patching best-practices can be a boon to many organizations. Since Aunalytics is well-versed on patching, patch installments are timed to avoid as many bugs as possible, and patches are prioritized in order of importance. Patching keeps those who would hurt your business at arm’s length—and with Aunalytics, you don’t have to worry about patching your workstations and servers yourself, you will have a trusted partner to back you up.

We believe security is so important that we embed it into our Advanced Security offering, helping your business thrive at no additional cost to you. Gain peace of mind and eliminate technical worries with Aunalytics.