As the business landscape continues to evolve and become more data-driven every day, organizations need to go through an intense digital transformation to remain competitive. The need to leverage data to maximize business opportunities and revenue is evident. While at one time technologies were built solely for enterprises, now most mid-sized businesses are beginning to invest in data analytics solutions. But before successfully deploying an analytics solution, there might be a major organizational problem to deal with—your dirty data might be getting in the way of getting accurate analytics. What you need is a single source of truth.

Gain a Complete, Accurate Picture of Customers

Let’s pretend you have a client named Emily Miller. Your marketing department has Emily logged in their CRM, while the sales team has their information in a spreadsheet that they update daily. The service department logs their tickets and complaints in their own solution, while accounting has Emily’s invoices in yet another system. We’re talking about one person, but there are multiple versions of Emily’s data across your organization, siloed in different departments. While we know Emily’s name, her interactions with your organization and all the data related to her is scattered across your organization. Departments have partial information that is specific to Emily, but it might be inconsistent business unit to business unit. This means that no one can see the complete picture of who this customer is to your company.

Don't Let Your Data Work Against You—Your Organization Needs a Single Source of Truth (2)

If analytics is based upon data from one business unit, it will undoubtedly result in inaccurate or incomplete insights. If you switch analytics to be based upon a different data source or aggregate multiple data sources with conflicting information, you still get inaccurate analytical results. Basing your organization’s analytics only on a part of a client’s data has a negative impact on your organization’s goals. A single source of truth ensures you have a full, 360-degree picture of your clients and leads to dependable, daily analytics you can trust.

Utilize a Solution That Ensures Data Accuracy

An analytics platform such as Daybreak with built-in data integration and cleansing, or a data accuracy solution such as Aunsight Golden Record enables your organization to integrate and wrangle siloed data from disparate sources to a cleaned and accurate single source of truth. Matching and merging dirty data into a single source of information will result in you receiving consistent, accurate data from across your organization. With clean, accurate data for your reporting you can be prepared for better decision-making, allowing you to progress towards your business goals faster than ever before.

If your departments are using different data sources, using that information for client analytics is counterproductive. This situation is akin to your hands working separately from each other and adversely affecting your end goals. You need to bring your company-wide data together and combine it into a single source of truth. Having clean information with input from all your departments going into a single analytics solution sets you up for actionable insights that work along with you—not against you.