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Aunalytics provides backup solutions to meet your needs.

The Aunalytics® Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions assist the continuous operations of an organization during a disaster event, whether it involves a set of networks or servers, or when all primary IT services have become unavailable. Our solution leverages the power of data, analytics, and Machine Learning.

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Your building just burned down. Now what?

Disaster Recovery Services are typically part of an organization’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP). These services assist the continuous operations of an organization during a disaster event by ensuring that IT services remain available. Most organizations do not have disaster recovery experts. We partner with your team to ensure that your data is protected from disaster.

Can your business can survive a ransomware attack?

Disaster Recovery Services, coupled with a comprehensive backup and archival strategy, allow you to remain confident that you are prepared should your business encounter a disaster event. Aunalytics partners with industry leaders such as Veeam, Zerto, and VMware to replicate your critical infrastructure so you are prepared for anything.

Your applications, files, databases, and servers are constantly being replicated.
File replication
After an outage or attack, failover and recovery occur within minutes.
File recovery

Answers to secure your data


You have your choice of Aunalytics data centers and of site-level or server-level protection


Self-service portal to allow you to conduct failover


The Aunalytics team can assist with failover at your request

What we offer

Cloud Backup

Provides for the restoration of data and servers in the event of an unforeseen event for devices operating within the Aunalytics® Cloud. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. We include flexible restore points, high performance backups and automatic offsite replication to another data center.

Cloud Connect

Protects customers that have on-prem solutions and would like to replicate these backups to an off-site location. This maintains a copy of company data within the Aunalytics Cloud in the event of a complete failure on site.

O365 Backup

Provides Office365 customers the ability to back up their mail, SharePoint, or OneDrive data for retrieval in the event of data loss.

File Level Archive

For customers who have long-term data storage needs, this solution keeps a copy of their data for up to a year. That data is then offloaded onto removable media annually and provided to the customer for additional storage compliance needs. Only backup the data you need.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Designed to protect the client from an outage at their primary site. Aunalytics delivers this service via two different methods utilizing data centers in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan.

Data Center Services

Data Center Services are offered in the South Bend, IN and Kalamazoo, MI locations to provide space, power, and connectivity for clients.

Data Transport

These services provide connectivity between the client’s location and our data center for connectivity to cloud, internet, voice, or colocation services.

Internet Service

Aunalytics Internet Services provide clients access to the internet from one of our colocation facilities. 

Project Services

Aunalytics offers project services for our client base to offer solutions that either help keep client compliant with software and hardware lifecycles or expand solutions and services to help support a business need. Consulting services are available for onboarding, implementation, deployment and migration initiatives.

Business Recovery Center

If your business becomes a disaster site, we’ve got your team covered. We offer an operations center to keep your business running while your site recovers. Our Business Recovery Centers are purpose-built, handicap-accessible facilities with ample paved parking spaces, office suites, and desks. Multiple conference rooms, workgroup areas, a lunchroom with kitchen and catering access, full restroom facilities, and spacious reception areas give your team a familiar atmosphere. Each location boasts fast internet connections at all workspaces, plus building-wide network access to mimic the way your team works.
Aunalytics Backup & Disaster Recovery Services allow you to:
  • Achieve peace of mind that we have your back when disaster hits
  • Mitigate against data loss or theft with back-ups of your on premises data safely secured in our cloud
  • Create a solid Business Continuity Plan including our services
  • Choose which data to back-up to align your budget with your business continuity goals
  • Save critical business information from loss
  • Mitigate against operational shut down
  • Move operations to a new or remote location more easily
  • Meet compliance requirements with historical data preserved

“Aunalytics consistently delivers what they say they can do, in the amount of time they say they are going to do it, and for the cost they quote. Sometimes less!”

– Erin Perkins, Van Buren Community Mental Health

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