Aunsight Introduction

What is Aunsight?

Aunsight is a services-oriented platform for managing and transforming data. What does that mean? Another way of describing it is a modular architecture vs. an integrated system. As a high-level analogy, think about a modern home theater system (modular) compared to a boombox (integrated). If you wanted to add a CD player to your old boombox, your best option would be just to purchase a new boombox with a CD player and discard the old one, even if the rest of the components are still performing well. However, with a modular system, you can easily add in a CD player without having to replace the entire system. Likewise, if you blow a speaker on the boombox, you need to replace the entire system, whereas with the modular system, you can simply replace that speaker.

Like the home theater system, the Aunsight platform is built in a modular fashion to allow for easier resource scaling, feature additions and upgrades, without huge interruptions to your normal workflow. Aunsight is composed of a wide variety of services, a compute and storage layer, and an API and user interface to interact with the system.

The platform was conceived as an all-in-one solution, performing a wide range of tasks related to data management and analytics, and to automate those tasks as new data is collected.

Major Feature Sets

  • Workflow – scheduling & coordination
  • Dataflow – batch transformation
  • Data Management – metadata & storage
  • User Tasks – custom user code
  • Sightglass Solutions – mobile presentation
  • User/Organization/Project Management
  • Data Science Lab – notebooks