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Answers to manage your revenue cycle.

Using our team and technology, we provide daily insights powered by a robust data platform, industry intelligence and smart features that enable a variety of analytics solutions across your company. Our platform was built specifically for businesses to access and take action on the right data at the right time and give you the answers you need about your revenue cycle.

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Organizations struggle with reducing spend and optimizing revenue due to lack of accurate data and insights.

Payments received are underpayments of contracted prices

Mailing and shipping waste due to inaccurate householding information

Insurance underpayments in healthcare

Different prices at different facilities charged by same vendor

Insurance reimbursements denied due to data errors in submissions

We improve your revenue cycle management

Find when you are under paid.

Identify when your facilities are not receiving the most favorable pricing.

Centralize insurance reimbursement management.

Universal Access To Data

Simplify the data overload. Get everyone on the same page. Our platform is data-source agnostic so whether you are using inputs from a third-party source or delivering to Tableau, Power BI, or other dashboards, you can securely connect your existing systems in one location. Now, everyone on your team can access your powerful data and put it to use faster.

Faster Insights

Receive the data insights you need quickly, consistently, and securely. Use AI-powered predictive analytics to recognize trends, anomalies, and receive insights such as finding inconsistent pricing from vendors on the same item at different locations, and underpayments.

Clean Data

Leverage data cleansing technologies to ensure the data is accurate and clean which helps to reduce insurance reimbursements denied due to data errors in submissions.

Mailing and Shipping Waste Reduction

Create Golden Records of address information enriched with GPS information to overcome data entry errors and recognize when it’s the same address (householding).

“Aunalytics provided quick and easy integration with multiple source and target systems, which allowed us to more efficiently allocate resources to using the data, rather than wrangling it and preparing it for downstream processes.”

Corinne Kereszturi, President, AC3

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