Security Patching Platform

Always stay one step ahead of security threats.

Security patching is critical to keep your data safe from emerging threats, but the process is complex. To make things more streamlined, Aunalytics security experts have developed a platform for security patching for your IT team that provides exceptional patch management.

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The problem

Security patching is critical to keep your data safe from emerging threats, vulnerabilities and cyberattacks.

But keeping a consistent patch strategy, knowing what to do when, and managing patching execution for multiple applications, servers and workstations across an organization is complex.

Warning: It is easy for something to slip through the cracks, leaving your organization vulnerable.

Security Patching Platform

Co-Managed Patching-as-a-Service
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What's included:
Inventory and performance management and proactive alerting
Windows operating system patch management
Supported 3rd party patch management
Anti-malware solution
DNS-based malware protection
Device encryption management
Troubleshoot/remediate AU-installed agent installs/updates

Aunalytics Security Patching Platform Features

Patch deployment control strategy and planning

Patch vetting / blacklisting intelligence

Workstation feature release rollout planning and deployment

Reporting/asset inventory for hardware and software

Platform and templates for alerting

Auto-detection of server/features (SQL/AD/IIS critical service monitors)

Detailed performance monitoring/reporting and thresholds for alerting known issues

Innovative management tool library

Automated BitLocker control with key management, alerting/tracking

We provide:

We provide the technology as a service, including tools, structure, strategy, and intelligence for managing patch deployment. Our platform is your complete solution—best practices, templates, libraries, and built-in alert thresholds.

Enabling your IT team:

Your IT team retains control and frontline support, having confidence with Aunalytics intelligent systems at your back. Our technology tells you what needs attention and provides the patches, so that your team knows when to act and has the tools to act. Your Compliance Team is assured that your IT Team has the tools and intelligence needed to meet compliance standards.

“We have made the paradigm shift from trying to operationalize a collection of security tools to a holistic view of security related events, with log data being correlated across the ever changing threat feeds, coupled with 24x7x365 monitoring and response.”

– Kerry Vickers, Chief Information Security Officer, Aunalytics

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