In the past few months, it’s become obvious that despite the world and our communities being hurt by the ongoing pandemic, hackers and bad actors are continually on the hunt for a good score. Ransomware attacks have been hitting hard at key infostructures; particularly schools. Schools have already paid over a half million dollars in ransom to some of these attackers.

In the last seven days, there have been over 20 attacks on these targets, ranging from inaccessible systems to full payouts to the attackers.

While there are no guarantees that your organization will not be hit, there are many things every organization can do to become less of a target and strengthen your own boundaries. Though some of these recommendations require an operations cost, many are free and only take a little time. ALL tactics are extremely valuable towards ensuring your organization is harder to hit.

Please contact Aunalytics if you’re interested in discussing the following steps toward a more secure technology environment.

  1. Only do work-related activities on work computers
  2. Check for password strength
  3. Review your spam and phishing filters (Microsoft Security)
  4. Train your users so they can maintain vigilance (in-house education, Knowbe4)
  5. Apply Multi-Factor Authentication (Microsoft, Okta)
  6. Put CXOs, VPs and organizational decision makers on an anti-spoof list (Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection)