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With Aunalytics, manufacturers can strategically improve processes, solve complex problems and leverage cloud strategies to run more efficiently. Aunalytics brings together data from multiple sources and your systems to give you data analytic answers for increasing revenue and keeping costs down.

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Manufacturers may not have a centralized view across data related to customers, products, facilities and warehouses.

Often manufacturing data is fragmented by manufacturing facility, location or warehouse. This means there is no central view of all data, by customer, across the organization.

The use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices continues to grow exponentially, yet many business do not include IoT data in their analytics, because it’s too costly.

Manufacturers cannot easily access machine and operations data to get a clear picture of operations, due to silos across multiple facilities, location and warehouses.

Manufacturers are missing out on data insights that provide opportunities to cut costs, like discovering that shipments to the same location are not being recognized.

One platform. Answers for everyone.

The industry-intelligent data mart built specifically for manufacturers to access and take action on the right data at the right time.

Manufacturing Data Flow - Insights

We provide a centralized view of your manufacturing data.

Provide manufacturing marketers with a 360-degree view of their clients.

Provide manufacturing customers with a 360-degree view of revenue and operations.

Combine IoT device data and translate it into an analytics ready format.

Customer Intelligence

Gives manufacturing marketers a 360-degree view of customers and allows for data-driven campaigns. Combine customer service data and satisfaction data into targeted marketing campaign tactics. Improve customer experience with centralized data available to sales and marketing teams for accurate customer profiles. Understand which customers are at risk of attrition and know when to upsell and who to target for complementary products and services. Increase revenue by reducing churn of current and future high-value customers.

Revenue Cycle Analytics

Gives manufacturing clients a 360-degree view of revenue and operations to allow for data-driven efficiencies to be achieved. The Daybreak™ industry intelligent models and AI technology analyze Golden Records of manufacturing operational data combined from multiple sources to yield insights on manufacturing processes, supply chain management, and warehouse operations. From the insights, manufacturing clients are able to cut costs, improve efficiencies and better drive revenue.

Data Integration

Automatically discover IoT device data and translate it into a common form and format, capable of being combined with other device data into a Golden Record that is ready for analytics. Data profiling happens at the edge before it is moved anywhere. Data is cleansed using ELT/ETL and data quality technologies and is combined into an accurate Golden Record ready for analytics in real-time.

Flexible and Responsive IT Support

“All-in Managed Services” – Aunalytics will partner with you to secure and manage your networks, servers, endpoints, and security. Aunalytics provides appropriate IT experts, and through partnership with your team we will help guide informed tech investment decisions with data, to make the right decisions together because we’re aligned.

What we offer

Industry Intelligence Analytics

An analytic database that allows you to securely connect your existing systems and discover insights using our industry-specific data models, AI and Machine Learning.

Aunsight™ Data Platform

Provides cloud-native advanced analytics, computing and data warehouse storage infrastructure and software. The data accuracy feature provides automated data management including data profiling, auto-mapping, ingestion, integration, ELT/ETL, cleansing, Golden Record and governance.

Secure Managed Services

A team that provides managed services to proactively protect and maintain your organization’s technology, allowing your staff to work without interruptions.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

A solution that assists the continous operations of an organization during partial or complete disasters.

Revenue Cycle Analytics

Insights specifically for businesses to access and take action on the right data at the right time and give you the answers you need about your revenue cycle.

Cloud Storage and Compute

A cloud hosting solution that facilitates access to servers, data and applications securely, from any location – worldwide.

Advanced Security

Managed security services that provide many of the most critical components of a security operations center.

Answers for efficiently running your infrastructure.

By partnering with Aunalytics, you will never have to explain unforeseen capital expenditures to your board. We manage the hardware, software, and maintenance around your technology environment at a planned, recurring monthly rate.

“The support we receive from Aunalytics is outstanding. Everyone I work with is competent, professional, and cordial.”

– Rudy Castle, AkzoNobel Inc.

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