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Aunalytics technology solutions for government entities are based not only on systems, processes, and procedures but also on the personal effort and creativity of our team. At Aunalytics, we care about each organization’s unique requirements and take the time to learn about their technology vision. This allows us to tailor a solution to meet their needs for security, scalability, performance, and budget.

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Aunalytics provides mid-sized city and county governments, local health departments, community mental health agencies, emergency services, and government contractors with a FEDRamp and SAP certified cloud to meet their current needs, improve their data and security posture, and better position their organizations for the future.

Aunalytics is a valued technology partner for government organizations.

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Use Cases

Many city governments and agencies have seen value in partnering with Aunalytics for their technology needs. Here are a few examples:

In order to improve the city government’s security protections, a city government in Central Ohio decided to implement Aunalytics Advanced Security managed IT services. The Aunalytics solution included implementation of managed detection and response (MDR) and vulnerability management, and providing Security Operations Center (SOC) services. The Advanced Security offering includes 24/7 monitoring of threats against an organization across all sites and environments, including on-premises assets, critical applications, cloud applications, and services delivered from the Aunalytics Cloud. The technology has proven capabilities which ensure that a potential threat able to infiltrate client environments would be contained or disrupted within minutes of detection, mitigating the threat impact. This improves both mean time to detection and mean time for response, reducing the risks from all forms of external threats (opportunistic, cybercriminal and nation states).

A city government in Ohio implemented the Aunalytics Advanced Security solution, which includes a central logging repository for managing, retaining, and correlating all log data from across the infrastructure, which improves incident prevention / detection / triage. Aunalytics’ MDR includes log ingestion and correlation from multiple sources to find threats in the environment including system agents, physical sensors, and SaaS log sources. The Aunalytics security team provided SOC services including responding to issues, and working with the client’s IT team to provide resolution. Aunalytics’ vulnerability management capabilities integrate with an AI based SIEM system, which identifies and reveals exploitable vulnerabilities in systems inside the corporate network as well as external internet facing systems through continuous vulnerability scanning. Aunalytics leverages Vulnerability Management Detection and Response (VMDR) to provide insight into potential vulnerabilities and advises how to mitigate identified risks, including threat remediation prioritization. VMDR enables organizations to automatically discover every asset in their environment, including unmanaged assets appearing on the network, inventory all hardware and software, and classify and tag critical assets. VMDR continuously assesses these assets for the latest vulnerabilities and applies the latest threat intel analysis to prioritize actively exploitable vulnerabilities.

For a Michigan 911 emergency call center and county mental health authority crisis line and agency telephone systems, Aunalytics moved their telephone systems to cloud data center based services from on-premises. The government agency’s current state had included virtual machines installed on premises with hardware approaching end of life.  They were also experiencing storage issues. To solve these issues, Aunalytics moved virtual machines including Emergency Responder, Unity Connection and Unified Call Manager to the Aunalytics private cloud and provided cloud telephony and VoIP support as managed IT services. The agency’s on-premises server was then decommissioned. The Aunalytics’ solution provided upgraded service and added in fail-over for improved system stability using Survivable Remote Site Telephony on the existing voice gateway, so that if the circuits failed between the main site and the data center, the key phones at the main site would still have inbound and outbound calling. This improved the emergency service’s ability to remain operational to respond to emergencies in their community.

For Michigan and Ohio law enforcement agencies, Aunalytics audited the agencies’ security posture and put in place measures needed for the agencies to maintain compliance for access to government law enforcement networks including CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Security), LEIN (Law Enforcement Information Network) of Michigan, and LEADS (Law Enforcement Data Services) of Ohio.

For a county mental health department in Michigan, Aunalytics customized a solution to meet the government agency’s current needs, improve its current data and disaster posture, and better position the agency for the future. Aunalytics first provided its cloud hosting solution, which is a highly redundant and scalable platform for hosting servers, data, and applications at customized performance levels required for compute, memory, and storage to fit the client’s needs. The Aunalytics cloud is FEDRamp certified—the highest level of certification for safekeeping classified government data. As such, the county government knew that its data would be safer in the cloud, rather than maintaining it in its own facilities on internal servers. Using cloud gave the agency more management over its IT spend, as no capital outlay is required to purchase and maintain servers when moving from on premises to the cloud, and cloud resources are easy to scale, as the agency’s data needs increase over time. The maintenance burden shifts from the agency to the cloud vendor.

In order to safeguard data for a county mental health department located in Southwest Michigan, Aunalytics provided back-up services for the client’s virtual machines residing within the Aunalytics Cloud, as well as its BS&A, Office 365, and other Microsoft services and initial backup job creation upon service implementation.  From initial back-up, Aunalytics provided the client IT team a self-service portal for backup management as well as an option for providing back-up services in the future if the client IT team wished to outsource this function by leveraging the Aunalytics team further.

Aunalytics provided disaster recovery services, as a critical part of a Michigan county mental health department’s business continuity plan. As part of the managed IT solution, Aunalytics provided connectivity services, Microsoft O365 licensing and back-up, as well as file level archive services. Aunalytics provided its Secure Managed Services package for managed IT with imbedded security. It included managing the client’s firewalls, networks, servers, and work stations. The solution included hardware as a service for switches, access points and routers.

For an Indiana based city government, Aunalytics provided a comprehensive Security Assessment (Security TAP) to review the client’s environment against security best practices and provide recommendations to improve the security posture of the local government. The review process covered IT related policies, information systems security, network security, physical security, client device security, end user awareness, and internal and external network vulnerability scans. The deliverables included a comprehensive report with customized recommendations, security scoring, vulnerability scan reports, remediation tracker, and a review with stakeholders to focus on the recommendations and next steps based on best practices and organizational risks. The Security TAP started with an information gathering phase, which includes an initial set of questions to the government about the environment and an onsite review at each location selected for review. The assessment included remote admin and physical inspection by Aunalytics security engineers at sites including the main office and/or sites where servers are located, and a representative branch office if there are multiple branch offices.  The information gathering phase also included short interviews with employees and a review of several workstations/laptops at each selected site. An Aunalytics senior security engineer performed the analysis off-site and completed the final report with recommendations.

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