M&A Data Integration

Integrated entity datafor analytics today.

Aunsight™️ Golden Record is a self-service data management platform that brings disparate data sources together across your companies. It finds your data, cleanses it to reduce errors, and uses Golden Record as a Service to bring the data together into a single source of truth that is ready for analytics in real-time.

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Organizations acquiring or merging with other organizations often end up with multiple systems for the same business reporting function and fragmented data.

Data exists in multiple systems in different forms, formats and not available in a way to answer business questions

Executives are unable to get a complete picture of their data

Duplicate records exist and data may be incomplete and of poor quality

Multiple uncombined ERPs, CRMs, EMRs, accounting systems and the like exist, yet migration projects are expensive and take a long time

Executives need to be able to have the data combined and updated in real-time for reporting, dashboards, analytics and decision-making

Integrate your data.

Aunsight Golden Record data acquisition finds exactly what data you have, wherever it’s stored—no digging required. Pre-built smart API plugins easily profile your data where it lives, and connect your sources to the platform in minutes. No need for dedicated resources to perform months of mapping projects or build custom APIs. With a large library of available plugins, Aunsight Golden Record integrates all of your data sources and third party sources, without users needing to have any technical knowledge of code writing, data mapping or data models.

Wrangle your data.

Aunsight Golden Record cleanses your data to reduce errors, uses ETL/ELT techniques to transform disparate data forms and formats into a common language, and builds data models. Using fuzzy matching algorithms and ML, data fields and records are matched and merged into a Golden Record for a single source of truth across your enterprise. Business analysts and other users without technical knowledge may quickly and easily configure data models to create Golden Records ready for analytics, such as customer 360-degree views, product 360-degree views, or account 360-degree views of company data. Eliminate costly mistakes made due to data errors. Data is streamed in real-time to keep everyone in your organization on the same page with accurate timely information for accurate decision-making.

Deliver your data.

Your Golden Record is replicated forward from our cloud-native platform to your data lake, data warehouse, dashboard or reporting application. It can be delivered to our analytics to reveal further insights on your customers, products, revenue opportunities, and operations strategies. Using bi-directional sync, your Golden Record of cleansed data may be sent back to source systems so that daily operations across your company use the same set of clean data, and decisions are made based upon consistent information business unit to business unit.

We integrate and streamline your M&A data

View all M&A company data together.

Make decisions immediately, rather than waiting for months.

Eliminate the need to wait for IT teams to integrate systems.

Data-Driven Decisions Today

View all M&A company data together for decision-making now instead of waiting months for IT to integrate systems. Aunsight™ Golden Record brings your data together, eliminates errors with data cleansing and creates a single source of trusted real-time business information for all companies in your holdings. It is built for self-service for the non-technical business user. Business analysts have real-time portfolio data ready for answering your most important portfolio questions about your aggregate holdings. It centralizes data from your multiple acquisitions and facilities for reporting, analytics and decision-making.

What we offer

Data Integration

No custom code or glue code required to use our platform. We’ve done the heavy lifting – just configure and go. Powerful pre-built connectors enable seamless integrations in minutes. Integrate third party sources for data enrichment. Automatic, machine learning data profiling provides insights into your data so you can find and use what’s important to your business.

Data Mapping

Auto-map to all your data sources. No more gruesome mapping projects to move your data. Find the data you are looking for quickly and easily with automatic schema discovery.

Data Quality

Automated data quality checks, cross system comparisons and data quality notifications help you set and enforce data quality standards. Use data profiling results to set quality checks based upon expected values, ranges and anomalies.

Data Matching & Merging

Automate de-duplication and relationship discovery of data across all your systems using fuzzy matching algorithms and ML on individual data fields. Combine data in motion in real-time from multiple sources to build and maintain a Golden Record that can be trusted.

Data Governance

Data flow events are automatically retained and captured to show you where data came from and where it goes. Changes made to your data over time are tracked in our audit trail timeline. Build a data catalog or dictionary as a foundation for governance. See your data de-duplicated, merged, and synchronized across all data sources in real time. Consumer data is automatically located across your data sources so that you can comply with GDPR and CCPA, CPRA “right to be forgotten”

Data Delivery

Your Golden Records of accurate business information are replicated to data warehouses, data lakes, dashboards or reporting applications. Our bidirectional sync allows you to write the accurate information back to source systems so that your entire organization operates off of the same information.