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With Aunalytics, healthcare systems can aggregate data from siloed systems, avoid building billing systems manually and avoid costly data errors. Aunalytics provides features that enable analytic solutions like fee schedule generation and the ability to build master records of accurate patient data.

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Despite having access to copious amounts of electronic data, healthcare systems frequently run into technology challenges that delay or impede their ability to collect revenue in an accurate and timely manner.

Healthcare System Data Silos

There are often duplicate records for the same patient that are not connected between EMRs, billing systems and registration systems. Patients receive multiple bills for the same visit to the healthcare system, causing billing confusion and non-payment. Appointments are missed due to data errors, causing revenue loss.

Labor-Intensive Data Entry

The resources needed to manually build and maintain the necessary databases and updates for billing, registration, and compliance is simply too high, and often leaves healthcare systems exposed to costly errors when data is missing, inconsistent or inaccurate. Why outsource manual data entry to expensive consulting firms, when you can make meaningful use of technology that automates data cleansing and consistency across databases.

Missed Opportunities

Limited resources means healthcare systems often focus on immediate needs and do not have the bandwidth for performing analytics on larger trends within the healthcare system. Mapping projects take months, data is not readily available in consistent formats and by the time an answer is finally available, the data is outdated and stale.

Costly Data Errors

Healthcare systems are exposed to costly data errors when data is missing, inconsistent, or inaccurate. Appointments are missed due to data errors, which means revenue is lost. Healthcare billing is complex and riddled with costly manual data entry errors, changing fee schedules, changing insurance codes, multiple negotiated contracts with private insurers and Medicare and Medicaid regulations. You can spend hours trying to track down the “truth” when data in your systems is inconsistent.

One platform. Answers for everyone.

The industry-intelligent data mart built for healthcare systems to access and take action on the right data at the right time.

Healthcare Data Flow - Insights

We organize and automate data to improve healthcare operations

Eliminate manual data entry and wrangling through automated ingestion of public and internal data.

Automatically generate billing schedules for multiple commercial insurance companies.

Build master records of accurate patient billing data.

Automated Data Ingestion

Eliminate manual data entry and wrangling through automated ingestion of Medicare, Medicaid and other public and internal data sets.

Fee Schedule Generation

Automatically generate fee schedules for billing to multiple commercial insurance companies based upon reference to a Golden Record of current Medicare/ Medicaid data, regardless of the complexity around Medicare derived, category based, and carve-out pricing.

Golden Record

Using auto-mapping, build master records of accurate patient billing data including the latest Medicare/Medicaid pricing by combining multiple public data sets with claim and fee schedule data across multiple clients.

Data Insights

Combine data from multiple sources and silos to provide insights on overall revenue, billing, and appointment scheduling trends for reducing costs and increasing revenue.

What we offer

Industry Intelligence Analytics

An analytic database that allows you to securely connect your existing systems and discover insights using our industry-specific data models, AI and Machine Learning.

Aunsight™ Data Platform

Provides cloud-native advanced analytics, computing and data warehouse storage infrastructure and software. The data accuracy feature provides automated data management including data profiling, auto-mapping, ingestion, integration, ELT/ETL, cleansing, Golden Record and governance.

Secure Managed Services

A team that provides managed services to proactively protect and maintain your organization’s technology, allowing your staff to work without interruptions.

Revenue Cycle Analytics

Insights specifically for businesses to access and take action on the right data at the right time and give you the answers you need about your revenue cycle.

Cloud Storage and Compute

A cloud hosting solution that facilitates access to servers, data and applications securely, from any location – worldwide.

Advanced Security

Managed security services that provide many of the most critical components of a security operations center.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

A solution that assists the continuous operations of an organization during partial or complete disasters.

Answers for efficiently running your infrastructure.

By partnering with Aunalytics, you will never have to explain unforeseen capital expenditures to your board. We manage the hardware, software, and maintenance around your technology environment at a planned, recurring monthly rate.

“Partnering with Aunalytics, we worked together to design and build innovative analytic oncology solutions that simplified complex processes, delivered data transparency, and ensured revenue integrity for our client practices.”

Corinne Kereszturi, President, AC3

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