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Use your data for good.

We implement proven healthcare solutions so doctors can focus on what matters most—providing excellent care to patients.

Optimize your practice

With the recent shift to electronic medical records along with the universal emphasis on digital data collection (patient records, billing systems, even wearable device data), there is opportunity to improve healthcare in a variety of ways. From private practices bogged down in paperwork, with less time to spend with patients, to community health initiatives looking for ways to connect with people in order to make their lives better, there are many ways that data analysis can positively impact the healthcare industry and improve lives.

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Control Practice Costs

Our data solutions help healthcare organizations minimize their costs and become more profitable. We provide services such as workforce optimization, drug inventory utilization analyses, and insurance underpayment analyses, and have been able to save healthcare practices millions by utilizing data to optimize their businesses.

Improve Quality of Care

Having a 360° view of a patient allows a physician to make the most informed clinical decisions possible. Our platform closes gaps in information caused by disparate data sources to provide the most complete view of each patient. This ultimately leads to higher patient satisfaction scores and reduces costly readmissions that could result in penalties.

Healthcare Use Cases

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Advanced analytics, powered by Aunsight.

Our end-to-end analytics platform provides the scalable infrastructure and computing power necessary to realize massive value in your data.


Our cloud-based platform provides all the components needed to transfer, store, transform, and automate data processes. No more fighting with data or the various tools needed to interact with it—with Aunsight, each component has been integrated seamlessly.


Aunsight’s Analytics Bundle includes the Data Science Lab and Dataflow Manager to help Data Scientists explore and manage advanced analytics and modeling.

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