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Modern business creates data silos.

Targeted line of business applications have led functional business units within your organization to adopt separate applications for daily operations. This has inadvertently created data siloes.

Today data lives in multiple systems in different forms and formats across various clouds, on premises sources and in third party applications. With decentralization, executives are unable to get a complete picture of company data for accurate decision-making.

Incomplete data leads to poor decision-making

Incomplete data compromises decision-making
Answers to business questions can vary depending upon which data source is queried due to inconsistencies and missing information.

Integration is necessary

Integration is necessary
In order to have reports, dashboards, and analytics present a wholistic view of your business, data must be integrated from multiple sources.

Too often, people buy a data analytics tool not realizing that they need to get their data to the tool to be able use it.
Disparate data streaming to laptop with dashboard

There is a need for a data integration solution to build pipelines of data and integrate it for use in analytics. Executives need to be able to have the data combined and updated in real-time for reporting, dashboards, analytics and accurate decision-making

Our data integration solution

Aunsight™ Golden Record data acquisition finds exactly what data you have, wherever it’s stored—no digging required. Pre-built smart API plugins easily profile your data where it lives, and connect your sources to the platform in minutes. No need for dedicated resources to perform months of mapping projects or build custom APIs. With a large library of available plugins, Aunsight Golden Record integrates all of your data sources and third party sources, without users needing to have any technical knowledge of code writing, data mapping or data models.

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Aunsight Golden Record integrates data from multiple disparate sources
M&A Data Integration

Integrate data during mergers and acquisitions

Organizations acquiring or merging with other organizations often end up with multiple systems for the same business reporting function and fragmented data. It can take months for IT to integrate systems, and even then, the data often includes duplicate records, is incomplete, and of poor quality. Aunsight™ Golden Record brings your data together, eliminates errors with data cleansing and creates a single source of trusted real-time business information for all companies in your holdings. Business analysts have real-time portfolio data ready for answering your most important portfolio questions about your aggregate holdings. It centralizes data from your multiple acquisitions and facilities for reporting, analytics and decision-making.

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Greater Efficiency
  • Built cloud-native to be nimble and efficient
  • Fast data integration
  • Automatically creates data models using schema discovery and easily combines fields from multiple data sources into a single Golden Record
  • Eliminate long-term data mapping projects
Easy to Use
  • Built self-service for the non-technical business user and the technical user
  • No need to write glue code or build and maintain connectors
  • Library of pre-built smart API connectors
  • Automated data profiling at the edge so you can find and use what’s important to your business and set data quality standards from expected formats, values and ranges

Aunsight Golden Record is your answer for data integration.

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Aunsight Golden Record is your answer for data integration.

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