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Built for banks and credit unions like you.

Access and utilize transactional core and other data to understand your customers. Our Daybreak™ for Financial Services offering uses your local data to enhance relationships and beat larger companies.

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How we can benefit financial institutions like yours

Increase net deposits, card income, and fees to existing customers

Increase deposits by reducing churn of current and future high value customers.

Increase loan profitability and reduce loan loss reserves.

One platform. Answers for everyone.

The industry-intelligent data mart built specifically for banks & credit unions to access and take action on the right data at the right time.

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CIFI - Data Flow Insights

Industry Intelligent

Industry-intelligent data marts get you the answers you’re looking for, faster. You don’t have time for customizations or costly consulting. With Daybreak’s industry intelligent data mart, we assemble data from your business and enrich it with third-party sources to create meaningful libraries that your team can access in minutes to get the information needed to execute business-impactful initiatives like improving customer experiences, decreasing attrition, or gaining a competitive edge.

Universal Access to Data

Simplify the data overload. Get everyone on the same page. Daybreak is data-source agnostic so whether you are using inputs from a third-party source or delivering to Tableau, Power BI, or other dashboards, you can securely connect your existing systems in one location. Now, everyone on your team can access your powerful data and put it to use faster.

Faster Insights

Data-backed answers to your most pressing questions as the sun rises. Say goodbye to stale data. With Daybreak, you receive the data insights you need quickly, consistently, and securely every day. We convert rich, transactional data about your customers into actionable insights using our predictive models, so you can quickly understand the landscape and make informed decisions that advance your strategic business priorities. Our Innovation Lab releases new predictive models and Smart Features™ each quarter.

Answers for efficiently running your infrastructure.

By partnering with Aunalytics, you will never have to explain unforeseen capital expenditures to your board. We manage the hardware, software, and maintenance around your technology environment at a planned, recurring monthly rate.

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Aunsight™ Golden Record
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"Daybreak has broken down our data silos and given stakeholders across the organization access to insights they have never had before. We are limited only by our own imagination in terms of the types of insights we can uncover."

John Kamin
EVP and Chief Information Officer, Provident Bank

What we offer


An analytic database that allows you to securely connect your existing systems and discover insights using our industry-specific data models, AI and Machine Learning.

Customer Intelligence

Daybreak for Financial Services offers midsize banks and credit unions the ability to gain customer intelligence to grow their lifetime value, predict churn, determine which products to introduce to customers and when, based upon deep learning models that are informed by data.

Aunsight™ Platform

Provides cloud-native advanced analytics, computing and data warehouse storage infrastructure and software. The data accuracy feature provides automated data management including data profiling, auto-mapping, ingestion, integration, ELT/ETL, cleansing, Golden Record and governance.

Secure Managed Services

A team that provides managed services with embedded security to proactively protect and maintain your organization’s technology, allowing your staff to work without interruptions.

Cloud Storage and Compute

A cloud hosting solution that facilitates access to servers, data and applications securely, from any location – worldwide.

Advanced Security

Managed Security Services that provide many of the most critical components of a security operations center.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

A solution that assists the continuous operations of an organization during partial or complete disasters.

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