Aunalytics Data Platform Accelerates Horizon’s Digital Transformation Journey, Empowering the Bank with Compelling Advantages over Larger, Competitive Institutions

South Bend, IN (March 8, 2022)Aunalytics, a leading data platform company delivering Insights-as-a-Service for enterprise businesses, announced today that Horizon Bank is using Aunalytics’ Daybreak for Financial Services to drive powerful data-driven insights and positive outcomes for the bank’s customers. With plans to expand the platform with artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate new business, as well as additional data sources to support customers, the system is taking Horizon Bank to the next level of services that make it a preferred financial partner with compelling advantages over larger, competitive establishments.

Founded in 1873, Horizon Bank has a vision for the future to provide customers with technology that is designed to facilitate interaction and it provides online conveniences that support innovative solutions for personal, commercial and mortgage banking needs, as well as wealth and investment services.

A community banking organization with 74 locations, Horizon sought to resolve an ongoing customer relationship management (CRM) concern that had plagued it for years. The bank’s CRM systems fell short of meeting the organization’s objectives due do a data infrastructure that wasn’t conducive to robust customer relationship management.

The CRM systems lacked data integration capabilities needed for the company to utilize the full breadth and depth of its information resources held across a wide range of databases, data warehouses and other repositories. This restrained sales, marketing and services which would improve the quality of experience for customers and support the organization’s revenue objectives. As a result, Horizon made the strategic decision to develop a custom in-house CRM solution and selected Aunalytics Daybreak for Financial Services for seamless data integration and analytics that would facilitate its business intelligence goals.

“What we needed to succeed was an analytics platform capable of unifying and helping us to fully leverage our informational assets. Expectations for the platform would be to deliver clean information from all available sources, not just for our CRM solution, but for marketing and financial operations as well,” said Madelaine Spoljoric, Vice President of Business Intelligence for Horizon Bank. “With this in mind, we selected the Daybreak for Financial Services platform, which made the integration of informational sources fast and simple while delivering powerful analytics and actionable insights.”

Data experts at Aunalytics took a three-pronged approach to solve Horizon Bank’s business challenges using the Daybreak for Financial Services analytics database platform. The first step was to get the data right by converging disparate repositories, and organizing the information for ingestion in the proper application area. Horizon Bank would leverage Daybreak’s robust, cloud-native platform to convert data into answers in support of a wide range of business intelligence applications.

Daybreak allows Horizon’s executives to view system-wide data from all business units, cleansing and verifying records to provide enriched data for accurate decision making. The aggregated data delivers a 360-degree view of customer information including behavioral data, from which the platform’s proprietary AI technology and deep learning models developed by Aunalytics data scientists glean customer intelligence insights.

Aunalytics’ data centers host customer data in a secure enterprise cloud and compute environment, which is based on a highly redundant and scalable platform. This allows customers to scale as their business requires with hosted servers, applications, and data. Daybreak users are supported by the company’s 24/7/365 help desk, which Horizon Bank praised for its on-demand service suite and resolution of issues if and when they arise. Horizon Bank administrators access these services through the customer self-service portal, providing service ticketing, system-wide monitoring and alerting, 24×7 telephone support, 24×7 onsite support, and preventative maintenance on covered systems.

To initiate the company’s digital transformation strategy, Horizon Bank migrated 100,000 customers from an acquisition into the Daybreak for Financial Services analytics database platform overnight. This resulted in a successful post-merger transition. The introduction of automation and the simplification of IT infrastructure by bringing systems together has streamlined the company’s computing environment significantly. Automated dashboards now generate reports daily using multiple sources, replacing spreadsheets that required the review of data across hundreds of tabs. This advancement allows for deeper insights as the bank can now get very granular and take actions based on clear, accurate data—something that was not possible previously. Some of the reports produced by the new system go to senior management, including the CEO—a sign of real business impact.

“In support of this Daybreak deployment, the excellent strategic direction of the business intelligence team at Horizon Bank has made the platform that much more effective, providing for more accurate data-driven decision making,” said Ryan Wilson, Vice President, Client Relationships for Aunalytics. “We are enjoying this journey and look forward to continue working together with Horizon on these initiatives.

Full case study here.

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