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Cleanse data for accurate business information.

Our self-service data management platform cleanses data to eliminate errors. Accurate data makes for better decision-making.

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Data Quality is a Universal Problem

Data across a company is paramount to operations, executive decision-making, strategy, execution and providing outstanding customer service. By its very nature, business operations often include manual data entry and errors are inherent.
Errors lower the quality of your company’s data.

Bad data leads to poor decisions

Bad data leads to poor decision-making
Decision-making based upon erroneous information can lead your business in the wrong direction.

Bad Data Dashboard

Analytics will fail without clean data
Unless you clean up your data, you will not get business value out of reporting, dashboards and analytics.

47% of newly created business records contain errors significant enough to impact operations.

– Harvard Business Review

So if you have 1,000,000 records in your business, 470,000 likely contain errors.
Here's what this is costing your business.
The cost to a company of poor quality data follows the 1-10-100 Rule. On average, per record:

$1 – verifying data at the time of entry
$10 – remediation to fix errors
$100 – inaction

The cost of operational inefficiency, poor decision-making and time wasted trying to track down accurate information when it is missing or inconsistent adds up quickly.

1-10-100 Rule diagram
Use our cost calculator to see what bad data could be costing your business:

Common data errors

This leads to...

Multiple duplicate mailings sent to the same customer
Billing errors, including unbilled or uncollected revenue
Inability to measure KPIs
Inaccurate reporting and untrusted dashboards
Bad decisions
Staff wasting time trying to figure out correct information
Fragmented customer data instead of wholistic picture of customer value
Answers to business questions can vary depending upon which data source is queried due to inconsistencies and missing information. Decision-making based upon errors compromises decision-making quality.

Our data cleansing solution

Aunsight™ Golden Record cleanses your data to reduce errors, uses ETL/ELT techniques to transform disparate data forms and formats into a common language, and builds data models. Using fuzzy matching algorithms and ML, data fields and records are matched and merged into a Golden Record for a single source of truth across your enterprise. Business analysts and other users without technical knowledge may quickly and easily configure data models to create Golden Records ready for analytics, such as customer 360-degree views, product 360-degree views, or account 360-degree views of company data. Eliminate costly mistakes made due to data errors. Data is streamed in real-time to keep everyone in your organization on the same page with accurate timely information for accurate decision-making.

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Aunsight Golden Record cleans dirty data


Easy to Use
  • Built self-service for the non-technical business user and the technical user
  • Automatically creates data models using schema discovery and easily combines fields from multiple data sources into a single Golden Record
  • Built cloud-native to be nimble and efficient
  • No need to write code to build the Golden Record

Increased Accuracy
  • Imbedded data profiling, data quality, cleansing, master data management (MDM) for data accuracy
  • Find and eliminate data errors
  • Match and merge records to eliminate duplicates and ensure enterprise-wide consistency

Data-Driven Results
  • Stream the Golden Record of cleansed data in real-time to dashboards, reporting, and analytics for better decision-making

Aunsight Golden Record is your answer for data cleansing.

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Aunsight Golden Record is your answer for data cleansing.

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