Leading Data Platform Provider Will Demonstrate Aunalytics Daybreak for Financial Services at National and Statewide Industry Events Attended by Bankers and Credit Unions

South Bend, IN (March 30, 2022)Aunalytics, a leading data platform company delivering Insights-as-a-Service for enterprise businesses, announced today that President Rich Carlton will deliver a keynote address at the Washington Bankers Association Virtual Fintech Conference on April 20, and participate in a panel at the conference on April 21. Aunalytics Chief Marketing Officer Katie Horvath will also present in April, at the Michigan Bankers Association Bankers Education Summit and Trade Show. Both Carlton and Horvath will discuss how mid-market bankers and credit unions can increase market share with AI-driven personalized interactions with customers and members.

Aunalytics will participate in multiple industry events in April, showcasing DaybreakTM for Financial Services, an advanced data analytics solution for community banks and credit unions:

Daybreak for Financial Services enables midsize financial institutions to gain customer intelligence and grow their lifetime value, predict churn, determine which products to introduce to customers and when, based upon deep learning models that are informed by data. Built from the ground up, Daybreak for Financial Services is a cloud-native data platform that enables users to focus on critical business outcomes. The solution seamlessly integrates and cleanses data for accuracy, ensures data governance, and employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) driven analytics to glean customer intelligence and timely actionable insights that drive strategic value.

“Midmarket financial institutions can thrive by redefining the local experience and digitally transforming how they operate,” said Horvath. “The ability to target, discover and offer the right services to the right people, at the right time, improves customer relationships, delivers new products and services through data-driven campaigns, and accelerates competitive advantage. Consumers demand digital experiences and view personalization as the default standard for engagement. Personalized marketing in a digital world matters more than ever before, especially for midmarket banks that have traditionally relied upon hometown, white glove service to win customers. Using Aunalytics Daybreak for Financial Services, midsize banks can now benefit from the advanced analytics that their large national counterparts have employed, to make personalized interactions data driven. This enables mid-market financial institutions to target-market more efficiently, reach high-value customers with the right product offering, and win business away from competitors to expand value. We look forward to meeting with bankers and credit unions at a variety of industry events in April and demonstrating how Daybreak for Financial Services can help them strengthen their position in regional markets and compete more effectively.”

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Aunalytics is a data platform company delivering answers for your business. Named a Digital Innovator by analyst firm Intellyx, and selected for the prestigious Inc. 5000 list, Aunalytics provides Insights-as-a-Service to answer enterprise and mid-sized companies’ most important IT and business questions. The Aunalytics® cloud-native data platform is built for universal data access, advanced analytics and AI while unifying disparate data silos into a single golden record of accurate, actionable business information. Its DaybreakTM industry intelligent data mart combined with the power of the Aunalytics data platform provides industry-specific data models with built-in queries and AI to ensure access to timely, accurate data and answers to critical business and IT questions. Through its side-by-side digital transformation model, Aunalytics provides on-demand scalable access to technology, data science, and AI experts to seamlessly transform customers’ businesses. To learn more contact us at +1 855-799-DATA or visit Aunalytics at https://www.aunalytics.com or on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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