Powerful Analytics/Intelligence Services and Experienced Data Science Team Provides Affordable Alternative to HyperCloud-based Solutions

South Bend, IN (April 12, 2022)Aunalytics, a leading data platform company delivering Insights-as-a-Service for enterprise businesses, today highlighted AI-powered Business Intelligence use cases built by the organization’s Innovation Lab. Established to provide deep insights to midsize financial services organizations lacking large AI budgets, the Aunalytics® Innovation Lab’s team of data scientists create and deploy Smart FeaturesTM (data-driven analytic insights) for companies seeking specific predictive functionality to solve mission critical business challenges.

According to a recent Deloitte survey of IT and line-of-business executives, “86% of financial services AI adopters say that AI will be very or critically important to the success of their business over the next two years. While the banking sector has long been technology-dependent and data-intensive, new data-enabled AI technology has the capability to drive innovation further and faster than ever before. AI can help improve efficiency, enable a growth agenda, boost differentiation, manage risk and regulatory needs, and positively influence customer experience.”

Moving from reactive to proactive, predictive and prescriptive IT solutions are one of the key benefits of integrating a properly architected intelligence service enabled by machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence. For example, when a properly orchestrated AI/ML solution is in place, a bank can identify a customer purchase from the Home Depot (for example) and deliver predictive insights suggesting the customer may need a HELOC loan (Home Equity Line of Credit). Bank marketing is then able to take advantage of that information through predictive or proactive sales or marketing outreach. Because of the bottom-line impact this technology can have on midsize financial institutions competing against the Fortune 500, there is rapidly increasing demand for the technology nationwide.

The development of AI powered Smart Features for Aunalytics financial services customers is a top Innovation Lab priority. Smart Features are customized to leverage insights obtained from data-driven machine learning models. The Aunalytics service model includes a private analytics cloud as part of the end to end solution, so that customers can manage compute and storage costs associated with data analytics.  Part of the customization is data mining transactional banking data and enriching it with the inclusion of algorithm-powered high value fields appended to customer records that reveal insights about a customer. Smart Features provide answers to pressing business questions in order to recommend next steps to take with a particular customer to deepen or extend the relationship, provide targeted sales strategies and marketing campaigns for better customer experiences that yield more profitable business outcomes.

By providing extensive data science expertise to answer industry and client specific business questions, Aunalytics is showcasing the promise of data-driven intelligence for midmarket financial services. As a result, these organizations can better understand a particular customer, product or service viability through comparison to other customers and/or data. Whether there is an interest in knowing if a customer is likely to select a new financial product, her potential as a long-term customer, or any other number of questions, the Aunalytics Innovation Lab team of data scientists and financial industry business analysts are experienced and committed to answering these questions based on years of experience with other small to midsize financial establishments. Other Smart Features are aimed at providing actionable insights for operational efficiency, risk of loan default at time of application, customers at risk for crypto fraud, where to open or close bank branches, ways to minimize customer impact from new federal regulations regarding overdraft protection, and much more.

“Demand for intelligence services by financial services organizations is starting off strong in 2022. Therefore, we are building in a number of new Smart Features to enhance system capabilities,” said David Cieslak, Chief Data Scientist. “New functionality will support evolving compliance and security requirements and find opportunities in a financial institution’s own data. Instead of using national averages, we provide insights based on what is actually happening in a financial institution and enrich the data for predictive analytics. Our goal is to enable mid-market financial institutions, such as community banks and credit unions, to use data in a powerful way to enhance their personalized services to better compete against Fortune 500 banks.”


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