Analytics based upon stale data provides stale results. Fresh data powers up-to-date decision-making.

Real-time data ingestion, integration and cleansing to create a golden record of business information ready for analytics is critical to make better business decisions. This type of ingestion uses technology such as change data capture to bring across only new bits of data – changes to the existing data – as they are made in the business. Streaming allows for efficient processing (cleansing, matching, merging), rather than piling up changes all day and batching them overnight for processing. Streamed data provides changes in real-time so that business decisions are not made based upon yesterday’s data. Although some data sources and systems only support batch transfer, data ingestion technologies are ready for when the core systems modernize. Hopefully the days of stalled analytics waiting for data to arrive will soon be behind us.

Without real-time data management, the time gap causes lags in decision-making that can cost companies time, money, and energy. Real-time data management enables:

  • Rapid results
  • Faster scaling
  • Better decision-making
  • More efficient data delivery
  • Monetizing windows of opportunity
  • Timely actions in response to current insights
  • Improved and automated business processes
  • Proactive decision-making instead of reactive
  • Immediate responses as events unfold
  • More personalized customer experiences