Imagine the ability to get answers from the data in your organization by simply asking a question like “how many residential accounts opened last month,” “give me a list of all accounts 90-days overdue,” or “products with monthly sales volume over 1,000 units.” Over the past few decades, advances in machine learning have made it easy to get answers from search engines like Google using natural language questions. Consumers can easily search for products and services by entering phrases like “Find mortgage lenders near me” or “grocery stores within five miles.”

Natural Language Answers UI

At Aunalytics, we understand that the competitive edge in today’s business environment depends on data-driven decisions based on a dependable and accurate datamart. To that end, we have built the Daybreak™ analytical database to provide a relational data model of industry focused data points that deliver maximum value to businesses in a specific industry like financial services, healthcare billing, or retail.

Daybreak Natural Language Answers™ extends the power of this data to all members your business. Natural Language Answers is a machine learning solution that turns finding answers to industry specific business questions into a Google-like experience for your datamart. Finding answers is easy using natural language search phrases. Just ask a question and our machine learning models will translate your question into a structured query and return results that you can download as CSV files, or visualize as bar charts, line charts, or other graphs in the Insights dashboard within the Daybreak app.

Natural Language Answers brings the revolutionary power of search that consumers have had access to since the birth of the modern search engine to business users looking for answers within their proprietary data. Business leaders with an eye to the future will understand just how revolutionary a data search tool like Natural Language Answers can be to operations. Just as it is difficult to remember life before the advent of the search engine, the advent of data search tools like Natural Language Answers represents a similar transformation in decision making for business in the next ten years.