The Aunalytics Cloud comprised of production and Aunsight platforms

The Aunalytics Cloud

Be Visionary

From cloud hosting to artificial intelligence—we give you all the tools you need to digitally transform your business. Plus, the human intelligence needed to help you realize your vision.

Work with Confidence

With the Aunalytics Cloud, you can compete with the most tech-savvy companies in your industry. We are constantly evaluating and integrating the latest technologies into our cloud so your business will always be at the forefront.

Your Secure, End-to-End Data Solution

At the heart of our cloud is security; if your data is not safe, nothing else matters. That is why we've made the cultivation of a secure environment our top priority.

Benefits of the Aunalytics Cloud

End-to-End Ecosystem

Scalable Cloud Platform

Optimized for Analytics




Production Cloud Platform

Secure and scalable cloud hosting, built for business.

Cloud and Managed IT services for our clients are based not only on systems, processes and procedures, but also on the personal effort and creativity of our team. Every organization is different in some way. At Aunalytics, we care about your unique requirements and take the time to learn about your technology vision. This allows us to tailor a solution to meet your needs for security, scalability, performance and budget.

Making the move to utilize a managed services or cloud provider can be a formidable task. We don’t take this lightly and neither should you. We know you’ll do your due diligence in selecting a true partner who has your best interests in mind. After you meet with our team, we’re confident you’ll see Aunalytics as your data management and cloud partner.

In our production cloud platform, your organization is provided an environment within our physical data centers, providing the exact set of services you require. While our cloud can host standard applications, more importantly, it can host your core business applications that are critical to your operation. This includes vertical market applications, custom developed solutions, and the full complement of Microsoft applications.

Most organizations purchase servers to handle a projected 3-4 year growth which means you may have idle capacity. With Aunalytics’ cloud platform, you can quickly add or delete users and only pay for what you need. Each hosted, Windows-based server is protected by managed anti-malware and is secured behind an application-specific firewall. This ensures your organization will have the most up-to-date defense to stop the widest range of threats.


The production cloud platform is tailored to meet your needs for security, scalability, performance and budget.


Fully managed services proactively protect and maintain your organization's technology, allowing your staff to work without interruption.


Remote monitoring provides visibility into the health of your network while helping to prevent catastrophic events.


Modern threats require modern protection. Aunalytics will help you navigate the increasingly daunting security landscape.


These project engagements include comprehensive reviews of your technology infrastructure, network and cybersecurity.


Our team can assist you with installations, activations, connectivity, and other administrative concerns in your Office 365 environment.


Cost-effective email services that include cloud-based encryption, AI-powered filtering and comprehensive archiving solutions.


Our partnerships with major systems providers bring the power of the industry’s finest manufacturers to our toolkit.

The Aunsight Cloud Analytics Platform

One end-to-end analytics ecosystem that makes data science easy.

Aunsight is an ecosystem of services and tools essential to developing and delivering digital products. Our cloud analytics platform is an end-to-end solution, meaning businesses can focus on the data and insights discovered, instead of spending time piecing together various technological components. The platform is built to enable an easier transition to production. In addition, a subscription to Aunsight includes access to the human resources necessary for success—from data governance and oversight, to monitoring and managing, to model upkeep.

The cycle of analytics, steps that must be taken

Aunsight Services & Features

Aunsight Services Matrix

Data Gateway

Easily manage and control the secure transfer of your data to the Aunsight analytics platform.

The Data Gateway allows you to control and monitor data streams from all IoT devices, APIs, and internal data sources with guaranteed encryption and transfer of secure information. Since the client is in control, you choose which data is sent to the Aunsight platform, and can stop the flow at any time.

Aunalytics Data Gateway Screenshot

Aunsight Workflow Manager screenshot

Workflow Manager

Automate and manage the entire process of data analytics from infrastructure to insights.

Our Workflow Manager enables the automation of data processes by managing project workflows during data management process (QA) and orchestrating the dynamic and elastic allocation of resources. It is process-driven and features automated validity checking of internal processes and ensures data and file consistency and integrity.

Data Lab

Make data science easy by having all the right tools at your fingertips.

Our Data Lab facilitates data science discovery by allowing data scientists to easily and intuitively create, update, and automate predictive models. It is an ideal environment for quickly delivering advanced analytics, which can then be automated, monitored and delivered utilizing Aunsight’s Workflow Manager.

DSLab Screenshot


The Datasets tool allows you to create and edit schemas, ingest new data, view statistics, browse and explore, and manage dataset exports.


The Dataflow Builder automates the process of transforming raw data into meaningful, high-value datasets and prepare them for analysis.


The Models tool allows users to see and manage models created using the Data Lab or Process services.


The Processes tool manages the automation of models. You can view details and stats, run/schedule, and manage successive versions of processes.


Mementos provide a time series of measurements in a dataset that assists in training artificial intelligence decision networks.


The Members tool allows leaders to review, grant, and change user roles and membership in their organizations.


The Query tool allows you to build, edit, save, and manage queries, including a version control system so they can be re-used and widely deployed.

Script Engine

The Script Engine gives users the ability to employ custom scripts written to perform a variety of tasks to monitor and validate data and create push notifications.

Woman working with Sightglass WebApp and Mobile App

Sightglass Mobile

Get up-to-date data insights at your fingertips with Sightglass Mobile

Sightglass is a cloud-integrated mobile app for iOS and Android, providing end-users with access to data analytics and cultivated business insights pushed directly to their mobile phone.