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Let data inform your digital strategy.

Media companies can realize value in their data by gaining insights into their users.

Optimize your business

Today, media companies have granular data available to them that can help maximize advertising revenue when sellers know the real value of their ad space. In addition, data can provide the proof of value to advertisers by delivering click-level data that reveals massive insights when combined with their marketing cost, allowing you to transform into a digital-driven business that maximizes the value of each relationship through personalization of content and advertising.

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Understand Your Users

Go beyond basic segmentation to go deeper than basic demographics. We can help you take a deeper look by combining your internal data, such as subscriber details and browsing history, with public data sources for deep segmentation of your user base. With this data, we can start building a 360° view of each user that can be used to shape content strategy and better target your advertising efforts to drive value.

Track Content Performance

We can help you optimize website content and site structure to get the best possible results. We analyze a variety of metrics such as user engagement and device trends. With our solutions, digital media providers receive real-time alerts whenever one of their stories is in the process of going viral­­—or failing. This allows them to re-allocate ads to capitalize on popularity or remove content that is under-performing.

Craft Digital Strategy

Our solutions give you visibility into the performance of marketing campaigns as they occur, so you can make real-time, data-backed decisions on everything from ideal search terms to the best channels for ad placement. We can help you optimize your marketing mix by showing you exactly how your budget is being spent across various channels in addition to individual campaign ROI.

Media Use Cases

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Advanced analytics, powered by Aunsight.

Our end-to-end analytics platform provides the scalable infrastructure and computing power necessary to realize massive value in your data.


Our cloud-based platform provides all the components needed to transfer, store, transform, and automate data processes. No more fighting with data or the various tools needed to interact with it—with Aunsight, each component has been integrated seamlessly.


Aunsight’s Analytics Bundle includes the Data Science Lab and Dataflow Manager to help Data Scientists explore and manage advanced analytics and modeling.

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