Aunalytics Coronavirus Response

At Aunalytics, our clients’ success and our teams’ safety is a top priority. In times of natural disaster and other unexpected or challenging events, we have plans, processes and teams in place to ensure our services remain available and our team is protected. This approach should allow our clients to focus on their critical business goals and the well-being of their workforce.

Therefore, we find it appropriate at this time to share the following update:

COVID-19 Business Continuity and Crisis Management

We do not foresee any impact to the delivery of any Aunalytics services due to COVID-19, and as always, we are committed to keeping our solutions available and running for our clients regardless of their location.

Our cloud-based, multi-tenant architecture model and distributed data center approach is designed to operate without any service disruptions. We also have proactively formed an internal Coronavirus Response Team to mitigate any potential disruptions.

Working Remotely

Aunalytics team members have the resources and tools they need to perform their jobs securely from any location. Therefore, we are recommending that our team members do not travel to client worksites unless absolutely necessary. In the event that an onsite presence is required, we will work together with our clients to ensure we are putting safety first for all individuals.

To make determinations around remote work and office closures, we carefully monitor and consider advice from the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. Department of State, and government and health officials in local communities where our team members live and work.

Business Continuity Planning

As a cloud-based company with a dispersed team and flexible, remote workforce, we are prepared to virtually manage business continuity challenges. Our approach is designed to ensure that our services remain available to our clients during natural disasters or other unexpected and challenging events. Our business continuity planning is also intended to ensure we have open channels for timely communications with our clients and other stakeholders.

Service Operations

Our cloud services are designed with a high degree of redundancy and geographic fail-over capabilities to reduce the likelihood of significant impact. We maintain policies and procedures for responding to emergencies, including a disaster recovery plan. Aunalytics has data centers and technical support located in multiple locations to reduce the impact of a regional or local disruption.

We sincerely appreciate your faith in us and take the responsibility to our clients and team members very seriously. We will continue to provide updates as warranted.


Richard F. Carlton

Terry A. Gour