Rethink data.

We are passionate about data. We believe that data is valuable and can solve problems, big and small. Our goal is to challenge our clients to rethink what they do with their data so they can learn to love data as much as we do!

Customer Targeting

Retention, Upsell, New

At Aunalytics, we have worked with businesses across a wide variety of industries to analyze their customer base and develop algorithms that accurately predict customer churn, suggest upsell opportunities, and identify new prospects.

Oncology Analytics

With the help of our data science software, Aunsight, we have been able to streamline financial reporting, audit billing statements, and provide recommendations for drug therapies that make the most sense, both clinically and financially, for patients given their unique, individual circumstances.

Website Address Bar

Clickstream Analysis

We can analyze how users navigate your site, pull data across multiple systems to create robust profiles of users, and develop algorithms to predict and recommend products and content to users based on their browsing history and demographic data.