From cable/internet providers, to companies focused on creating great media content, we’ve provided solutions to optimize their businesses.


The media industry is one of the more technologically advanced, which means there are huge opportunities for analysis with the wealth of data collected. For cable and internet companies, data such as customer details, transactional details, and internet usage stats can be used along with demographic details to paint a detailed picture of their customers. Companies focused on providing online media content have an array of site usage stats that can be mined for deeper insights. We’ve helped companies in both areas make the most of their data resources.

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Use Cases

  • Customer Retention
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Upsell/Cross-sell
  • Clickstream Analysis

Consumer Analytics: Customer Retention

Consumers have many options within the media industry—in some markets there are multiple providers offering various incentives to new subscribers, while some people are opting to “cut the cord” and eschew cable television and phone services altogether in favor of high speed internet, streaming television, and cellular services. However, we’ve been able to help cable companies retain subscribers by creating powerful predictive models that reveal who is most likely to churn at any given time, and what kinds of messaging would be most effective for that individual. Additionally, we’ve been able to recommend the best offer or promotion for a given customer (or none at all). Our solutions have helped companies streamline their marketing efforts to get better results, which has translated into millions of dollars in additional annual recurring revenue.

Consumer Analytics: New Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers is both time and resource intensive. That’s why we’ve developed solutions involving mathematical models and integration of outside data sources to predict:

  1. Who is most likely to become a subscriber;
  2. An individual’s predicted lifetime value; and
  3. Which specific offer is most likely to entice them to become a subscriber.

Marketers can then reach out to the right people, at the right time, with the right offer. This leads to higher success rates and decreased time, money, and effort, which can be redirected to other marketing initiatives.

Consumer Analytics: Upsell/Cross-sell

One way to optimize business is to increase the lifetime value of existing customers. We’ve developed solutions that enable marketers to discover customers who would be likely to purchase enhanced or additional service packages, such as higher internet speeds or premium cable packages, and suggest the optimal offer for each individual.

Digital: Clickstream Analysis

For media companies that seek to drive traffic to their site via online content, a clickstream analysis can provide a myriad of insights into how users are interacting with their content and their site as a whole. We’ve been able to integrate additional data sources in order to provide a more complete picture of visitors and how different types of individuals interact with the site. Using browsing history data, we’ve developed models to provide recommendations for individual site users, keeping them more engaged with the site. Our solutions can also provide insights for how to optimize content development.