Aunsight is our scalable, distributed computing platform providing services and solutions to
answer data science questions.

Aunsight: Our powerful data science software

To do anything with big data you have to make it small. The data science software, Aunsight, was specifically developed to achieve and automate this fundamental step. Using Aunsight, the team at Aunalytics collaborates with clients to integrate data sources, clean “messy” data, and link data into a meaningful view. This allows trends to be revealed and provides an overall data-centric view of the business.

Receive Actionable Insights

We work with companies to optimize marketing campaigns, provide real-time, automatic and accessible reporting, develop custom algorithms, and more. With Aunalytics, clients gain a deeper understanding of their customer – from basic business intelligence to advanced predictive analytics – all in one place.

Aunsight is powerful data science software

Integrate & Connect

Seamlessly connect to and integrate any type of data source with Aunsight.

Create Data Workflows

Create workflows to analyze data sources and produce powerful analytics to answer important questions.

Craft Algorithms

Logically create and craft your own algorithms to answer the questions that maximize your goals.

Schedule & Reuse

Schedule workflows to recompute their results however you wish. And reuse these workflows with different data sources and sets.

Quality Analytics

We offer standard analytics plug-ins, or you can easily develop your own.

Connect to Visualizations

Connect to visualization tools to see your workflow results and gain insights from your data. Many clients connect Aunsight’s data set outputs to Tableau, SAS, and other tools to investigate their data visualizations.