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Increase Conversions with Digital Analytics Solutions:
Use data to inform your digital strategy decisions, allowing you to increase website traffic, improve conversion rates, and optimize your digital presence.

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Improve your digital content strategy:

Whether the ultimate goal of your website is to drive page views to increase paid ad impressions, or to educate customers and drive sales of your products, our digital content analyses give you increased visibility into the effectiveness of your site, allowing you to optimize content and site structure to get the best possible results. We look beyond simple web stats to reconstruct individual clickstreams which can reveal trends in user activity.

Topics of analysis include: content categorization and performance, virality/evergreen analysis and prediction, audience segmentation profiles, and audience behavior and utilization tracking which includes metrics on user engagement, desktop vs. mobile trends, inbound analysis, and social channels.

These analyses can help answer questions such as: How do different topics perform on the site? What variations in activity exist among users in different geographical regions? What are the best ways to segment users? How can the user experience be improved for the most loyal users? Which activities and traits are most associated with conversions?



“We’ve seen huge revenue gains since working with Aunalytics–we now know when stories are going ‘viral’, and can capitalize on it accordingly. And surprisingly, it’s not always the stories we suspect!”

— Editor, digital news provider

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